Rock suspended in mid-air?


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Do or do not; there is no try.


What rock? That looks like a blue/black dress to me.


Thank goodness. For a second there I thought we were gonna have a major firefight over who’d get the rights to the unobtanium.


I think it’s pretty obvious this is a real levitating rock, which the global conspiracy have photoshopped to look like a high-angle shot into a pond in order to discredit the free energy / levitating rock community.


It’s a stone that’s been removed from a castle in the Pyrenees.


Neat illusion, though; even with the caption it took me a couple of seconds to figure out what I was looking at.


The freaky part is really that one of the racoons forgot his mask.

catch(e) {

omg thank you, you just totally helped me spot what was wrong with my code above.


photo is truly exceptional?


Even now that I see what’s going on, I’m still thrown off by the vegetation, because the grass gives little indication of what direction it’s really pointing, and the critters are walking on a slope either way, so it looks natural. I still can’t figure out the angle the picture was taken from, though - it seems like the bank should be fairly steep, but the raccoon doesn’t seem to be walking on that extreme a slope.


Try this one out (pic I took back in April)


With global warming that could have been February.


Great, now I’m dizzy. Urp!


I’ll go long on upsidasium and cavorite now.


“The ships rock hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”


Is this rock about to pulverize this baby raccoon? Click here to find out!


of course, and you should’ve seen the other guy…


At first I thought there was a mirage.


Whoa, I feel dizzy.