Rodents of Unusal Size is a documentary about massive, 20-pound swamp rats

Then we’re stuck with gorillas!
No, that’s the beautiful part. When wintertime rolls around, the gorillas simply freeze to death.


“Infested” is such a loaded word.

How about “graced” Louisiana with their lovey yet deeply troubled presence?


How do you do two oneboxes?

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You don’t do oneboxes, the oneboxes do you…

Nothing you can do, really.
Either a page is coded in a way that will onebox or it isn’t.
If the pages work for oneboxing there is no1) limit.
I understand Discourse can be tweaked to solve some problems, but not at the user level.

1) I suppose there is a point where Discourse will throw a fit, but I will allow to post a lot of links.


Talking about coincidences, this morning I check the Open online Italian newspaper and read:
Il bar con carcasse di nutrie nel surgelatore tra toast e tramezzini: maxi-multa e indagine dei Nas
“The bar with frozen Nutrias in the fridge among sandwiches”, about a (now closed and fined - ça va sans dire) bar who allegedly used them in their food.

The police is tracking customers to check whether they had health problems after consuming food there.

In Italy, you cannot eat Nutria meat, and, in any case, any ingredient must be traceable if served to the public.


Perhaps it’s just me but I don’t understand the aesthetics of animal sizes.

Big domestic cats I find deeply unsettling , big rats like capybaras are adorable, small rat disgusting. A small pot belly pig = squeee but the huge ones will eat your face off. A large horse is majestic where as a pony, may be cute, but it is skittish and will eat your children.

Really not sure where I’m going with this but ffs BIG CATS!! YIKES!!!

Lots of coypu in South-east France, all along the Canal du Midi. Yes, escaped or released from fur-farms.

Yes, there was, in part because nutria burrows were undermining flood-control levees.

My family’s from Baton Rouge, and my dittohead mom once declared that Katrina damage was the fault of PETA, because PETA protested the hunting of nutria, resulting in levees full of holes.

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