Roku but not Netflix or Amazon

Youtube is horrendously slow on my Roku 2; fortunately, I have alternatives on my setup.

By the way, another channel we added recently is Spuul. It has a nice selection of Bollywood movies, including many which are free (and commercial-free), though the best ones require payment or a subscription.


Oh that’s a good one!


I looked into Sling. Interesting but not sure I am ready to fork over more for more paid content. It’s good to know we can access the cable content if we want though.

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I have a Roku 2 as well and wonder if it’s time to upgrade as we have a lot of issues with slowness and glitchy software.

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Not sure if they are still selling the 4 but avoid it.

I know there is a newer model that they said “Come, buy this thing” to me but I have a 2 and a 4 and the 4 works, but runs hot and hangs and glitches.

Can only hope the next gen runs better than that.

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