O hbo, hbo-go, roku u


They’re competing, essentially. HBO-Go isn’t bad. It’s not as smooth as Netflix, but they’ve been working on it fo 10+ years.

I view it on a Roku box – well worth the $80 or whatever I paid for it.


I think a newer blue ray player would also work with HBO Go. I also wouldn’t mind watching Veep, too.


It could be worse. TCM only streams if you subscribe to a cable service, in which case what’s the point?


So, here’s what we wild cable cutters do.

  • *First, there’s no live TV, which I don’t miss, but my mother chooses not to visit most of the time because of.
  • If you like a show, see if it’s on YouTube or Vimeo or one of them newfangled anime sites.
  • If it’s already been collected by our local media hive mind, access the server and pull the eps you want. (The local admin is friendly if you’re not a dick.)
  • Watch it on Netflix on one of the half dozen machines that run that service in the house.
  • If it’s airing now on a network or otherwise not available, we’ll torrent it. I get RSS feeds of the torrent categories I like, and I read that in the morning like the newspaper. You see the damnedest stuff sometimes…

That’s about it. The one thing I want but don’t get is all of the current womens’ 9-ball matches like I used to when I had ESPN-42 and a SageTV box that would record anything live. Nobody cares enough to torrent that stuff or YT it for the most part.

( * The corrolary is that my kids don’t watch TV commercials. At all. Tell me that’s not an advantage around the holidays when I want to give science gifts and the other girls in the neighborhood are getting something that smells like strawberries.)

(ETA - Aw crap, I didn’t say what I actually do for the problem. In two places, I have horribly outdated Logitech Revue boxes running a sad version of Android called GoogleTV. It plays most things, and now that VLC for Android will play local network sources, that should solve a problem we’ve had ever since I had to take down our Windows media server. In the one other place there’s an Asus Oplay, which plays local files and files on a local share, and also a Wii running Netflix. I just need to get that local share going again, and all the players talking to it correctly.)

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