'Game of Thrones' most-pirated show in last 3 months, with 7 million downloads


Not that surprising since I suspect there is probably a bit of an overlap between people who are tech savy enough to download it illegally and the primary audience of GoT.

Use to be Top Gear :frowning:

Not to mention that, unlike most of the other shows mentioned, a lot of people don’t actually have the ability to subscribe to HBO (since not all cable offerings have it available). It seems possible that the number of pirated copies will go down now that HBO can be subscribed to without cable although it still won’t necessarily have a huge impact since it is locked to iOS rather than available also on android and through your browser.


There is a Twitter rumor that the first four episodes leaked. If so I could probably find them but then I’d have a big gap right off the bat on the show and I’d rather watch them as they come out than binge watch anyhow.

Plus there is just a ton of good episodic television out there right now, no need to rush to more.

I think that was a huge reason why they eventually move to airing it on BBCA when it airs on the BBC.

HBO Go appears to be available for android: http://www.hbogo.com/#devices/

Most fans are willing to pay for HBO, it’s just that many prefer to pay the Iron Price.


Unfortunately, HBO Go != HBO Now (confusing enough?): Go is for those who already have a cable subscription including HBO; Now is the standalone version, and so far tied to iOS.

Wow, that is confusing. Well it is available on Sling TV which has supports most common devices and computers.

In many cases, even though people subscribe to cable, they still can’t get HBO. When I was living with my folks, the local cable provider didn’t have access to HBO so we couldn’t have subscribed even if we wanted to.

Huh, I hadn’t found that one; it’s halfway between “need to add to cable,” as with normal HBO Go (since you can’t get just HBO with Sling) and HBO Now, which I believe as a standalone is still Apple TV only (not exactly iOS-lock as I mis-said earlier). Still, it’s an option I wasn’t aware of, so thanks for pointing it out! (If only they had CW, so my wife would be on board for access to Supernatural.)

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