Silicon Valley: Mike Judge's new HBO series



Yeah, on HBO, of course.

Let us know how it turned out.


You’ll be able to stream it within a year…

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Aw, terrible that we are charged to enjoy great content. What a shame all the people involved will be compensated. Sucks.

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Take a shot every time the word “disrupt” is uttered.

Or torrent it right after it airs.

I’d love to pay them for it, but I ain’t sending money to no money grubbing cable monopoly to do it.

I don’t mind paying for HBO, they have a lot of content I enjoy.
Also, my wife requires the latest Game of Thrones, so I don’t have an option… :smile:
Otherwise, I also don’t mind paying to rent/stream the content I want to see.

I’d be happy to pay HBO for their content.

Alas, they seem to require me to pay for a cable content bundle that I am absolutely not happy to pay for.


The thing that’s confusing to me is why they are dragging their feet on having an independent streaming service. They have a huge catalog of original content, their shows are some of the most popular and pirated on the net, and they have the architecture in place since they already have a service they just tied it to you having a cable subscription. I am puzzled. I mean, they could charge as much as netflix or hulu, and people would happily pay it.

That, plus they won’t allow Netflix to stream their content–you have to get them on DVD. It would make it more convenient to get it streaming, but if I want to see something bad enough, I’ll add it to the DVD queue. We did this with GOT finally.

Cable companies are more than willing to throw more money at their existing golden geese to keep them around. Geese, for their part, are more than willing to do absolutely nothing and keep the same enormous amounts of money rolling in. For now.

Maybe I’m just jaded but I feel like this has been done before. Maybe not particularly well, but the material is still tired. And from the looks of it, the series falls in to the same trap as others, trying to make it a “zero to hero” story (heroes from zeroes would probably be better wordplay) about geeks who are out to “change the world” with some amazing app that helps you find the best food truck taco, or allow you to rate laundromats or something. And then they run in to the morality questions about how much money to take from the big bad VC, and of course they can’t get too successful because then they’re just rich startup douches. So witty banter, lots of tech talk about algorithms, self-deprecating nerd jokes and struggles with getting girls, getting rich and of course, never actually fitting in. Not something I care to watch, but maybe that’s because I live it.

Exactly. If I want HBO I move out of the “basic” bracket and everything costs way more.

Meanwhile, I have to pay for ESPN and other spots channels which I never, ever watch.



But yes this trailer needs more satire. It’s taking itself way too seriously. I think I’ll pass on this one.

As long as HBO requires that I own a TV to watch their programming, I don’t see an issue with finding it for free elsewhere.

Actually, this is sort of the reason we moved from cable to directv.
We got their most basic line up (which still includes all the channels like FX, CC, Bravo, TNT, TBS, etc… and all in HD) but we can add HBO as well.

If you want to watch HBO shows and would rather “download” them than subscribe, here are some convenient justifications to help you sleep a little better.

  • Have to own a TV/pay for premium cable TV to get HBO, which is ridiculous.
  • Have to have a cable box, an evil satan device that is forbidden in my home.
  • Information wants to be free
  • Culture belongs to all of us
  • HBO is owned by Time Warner, an evil, already profitable company that doesn’t need or deserve more money, and if you give them more money they will just spend it lobbying to make our country less free.
  • Downloading is not the same as stealing. It’s not as if the show ceases to exist if you download it.
  • You were never going to pay for the show anyway - they were never going to get your money. So it’s more a matter of watch vs not watch. Might as well watch.

No, its worse. I don’t have cable TV at all. I don’t want cable TV, not even a basic subscription.

Watching shows on Netflix has revolutionized my relationship with US TV, which was previously most easily characterized as “people trying to sell me crap every 15 minutes? i’ll pass”.

All I want from HBO is the ability to pay for their content (ideally the content that I actually want) and stream to a device of my choice (preferably one that runs an open source operating system), and watch. No contracts with cable companies for a package of channels that I have no interest in.

One day, the content makers will get this (netflix already does, nearly).


No mention of King of the Hill?

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It’s created by Mike Judge (Beavis & Butt-Head, Office Space, Idiocracy).

yeah, he created all those, I’m tellin’ you hwat.

Anyhow, this show’ll probably be worth a watch–it’s got Martin Starr in it. he’s awesome.