Kiss goodbye to cable: HBO to allow online subscriptions


Kiss goodbye to cable, then kiss your cable provider straight on the lips when they circle around to the back door, charging you an arm and a leg to deliver your video subscriptions over the internet tubes they own…


See, I’d probably jump at this if it became available in the UK. And that’s even though I already see most of the HBO shows I’m interested in. Basically, I’m sitting here waiting to pay them money.
It’s kind of insane that a handful of gatekeeper companies have seemingly convinced the world that consumers like me don’t exist, and that everyone is either a penny-pinching criminal or wants to pay a fortune for a big worthless spume of ad-encrusted crap.


A promising start.

Good for you HBO, welcome to 2001.


Just in time for Game of Thrones to be wrapping up!


You are not alone. I’m more than happy to pay (a reasonable amount) for the content I want but refuse to pay for cable package deals that heap on a bunch of crap I don’t want.


I’m probably going to kill my cable anyway, but it would be nice to have HBO I guess. There’s very little I don’t get from Amazon already, with their HBO back-catalog and pretty much every movie either available for free through Prime or for a fee of between $4-$6 for other movies. I’d spend far less if I just bought movies rather than paid for cable movies via subscription that I never watch.

The one thing that I think is still broken is the per-episode or per-season pricing for TV shows through services like Amazon. It’s crazy to pay $3 an episode. I think Amazon will be able to fix this with their “with/without special offers” model though. It sure is an interesting time to be a consumer of TV entertainment…

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$3 per episode - with no commercial interruption. It’s too much, but for the two shows I watch currently… it’s fine.

And I sort of hate Hulu. Even when you pay, you get served ads. NO NO NO I say! Bad model!!


I don’t suppose this will have any effect, either way, on network neutrality.

If it really turns out to be $3 per episode, that makes GOT quite affordable to not pirate. I’m looking forward to seeing what they end up doing.

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My only problem with this (on the heels of my saying I’d love to see FX and AMC do this as well)…

I would honestly rather pay $50/month for Netflix and have access to everything, rather than $10 for Netflix plus $10 for HBO plus $10 for Amazon plus $10 for Hulu.

$2.50 for Doctor Who in HD gets me on Amazon.

It means more companies with a vested interest in countering the bribery efforts of ISPs with bribery efforts of their own.

Because I refuse to call it “lobbying”.

I’d get hopeful but can’t imagine this will be available to me here in Japan w/o some jumping through hoops.

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