'Deadwood: The Movie' premieres this Friday on HBO, and looks great

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Darn tooting!

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I say “Yes!”
I had to cancel Netflix because I find their content garbage. Their best shows hardly rival an average HBO show. I think the best bet is to change a streaming service every 6 months or so. Watch what you like, cancel, start another service…


Finally, some goddamned cocksuckin’ fuckin’ closure.


Came to the comments just to see comments like this. Well done, cocksucker!


Really? I mean, I love HBO and have been a subscriber forever - their original TV show content has always been great. Loved it all since Larry Sanders and Dream on.
But we’ve seen some pretty awesome stuff on Netflix in the last year -
Russian Doll
After LIfe
Derry Girls
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
Ugly Delicious
Chef’s Table
Black Mirror
British Baking Show
Flavorful Origins
Haunting of Hill House
Dead to Me
Street Food

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So, for me top HBO shows are: GOT, Sopranos, Westworld, Entourage, True Detective
Good, average HBO show is: The Newsroom, Boardwalk Empire, Oz, Silicon Valley

Netflix has some good ones, but nothing like top HBO stuff.

HBO’s high’s are really high, and I would agree the top shows are superior to almost any other television, but the breadth and quantity of Netflix’s offering dwarfs HBO’s lineup.

Also, BoJack Horseman is super, super good :grin:

In my humble opinion, of course.

I must fucking decline to view the movie until I have watched Season Three in its majestic albeit until now truncated entirety, so all you online cocksuckers, kindly spare me your looselipped rude spoilers. I thank you, Internet cocksuckers


I will say this: the dragons fucked up the show flatter than hammered shit.

oh … wrong show.


Swearing in iambic pentameter, Life is good!

Kinda depressing, all things considered. But the closing of the American frontier is supposed to be portrayed that way. I had a greater appreciation for Gerald McRaney.

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Goddamn egg hatched fuckers, dracarys sons of a traitorous whore. . . Trixie? …oh i…Dany…the tv binges are killing me… so much fucking good TV its excellent!!!
Im scared ill start talking like this out loud

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