Roku Express, now only $29

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Love my Roku. I also like my subscription channel that I run on there but modesty (and common sense) prevents me from being a spam dink for that stuff on these pages.

We love our Roku, but now feel conflicted about it, and are pressuring them to drop their NRA support:

I like my Roku okay, but the ads really get to me. I’d rather have paid more up front.

oh fuck - really? fuck

Does Roku pay them anything, or is it just a link in their system? I don’t like the NRA much myself but I’m not a fan of censoring voices either. At the very least it is helpful to listen to the other side and understand their arguments, otherwise you end up talking past one another and nothing ever gets accomplished.

Does this play nice with European TVs? My girlfriend bought a Chromecast a couple of years ago, we tried using it to stream Netflix to the TV, but the picture moved too fast and after about five minutes we had headaches. Turns out that even the Chromecasts sold in Europe have the US screen refresh rate, not the European one…

I believe any user, including you and I, may simply submit a regular videofeed to Roku, follow their guidelines, and be a “channel provider.” Roku claims to not offer editorial guidance beyond some deceny norms for a non-FCC video service provider, and they have good kid controls. There is stuff on the Roku I find offensive, but I simply do not watch it.

This is my understanding of reading their PR comments. I am always glad to be told how very wrong I am.

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