Roku deletes Alex Jones' Infowars after user outrage and canceled orders


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That didn’t take long


And that’s good. Shouldn’t have been picked up at all obviously but at least someone was paying attention.


Before the usual expressions of concern or alarm from the champions of liberty that “Roku is censoring Alex Jones”, the obligatory:


I can get behind that, you still shouldn’t act violently towards intolerant people though, because you just end up wallowing in the mud beside them and they have more experience.


He can always start a B&B with Milo. Maybe somewhere in Cabot Cove, Maine?





Alex Jones added to Roku: :flushed::face_with_hand_over_mouth::cry:

Alex Jones swiftly removes from Roku: :flushed::joy::rofl:


Good. I guess outrage against indecency occasionally wins.

I wonder what Alex Jones puts on his taxes as his occupation. Professional Asshole?


Ya gotta go with your strengths, they say…


I don’t mean to be hateful, but I wouldn’t shed one tear if Alex Jones’ pathetic life ended with him naked in a ditch on a dark and stone cold rainy night choking on his own blood and sick while coming to the realization he was a useless waste of air, water, and food just before the darkness of the eternal abyss enveloped him.


I hate to break it to you, but I don’t think Roku is going to add your channel


“I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction.”
-Clarence Darrow


I can’t even recall the last time I heard about Roku before today. Perhaps they only added Infowars out of desperation?


There are different forms of intolerance. Roku gets A+. Nazi punchers get D- from me. Violence is indeed the important factor.


Can someone remind me how many people nazi punchers have killed in the last decade, compared to how many the far right have killed?

Anti-fascist collective self defence is the failure mode of liberal justice. I have never gone looking for a fight, but fascists came for me regardless and I still have the scars 15 years later. A copy of The Kingdom of God is Within You isn’t going to help when they come to purge you.


I can’t find any reliable evidence that far right people are any more likely to kill than other groups. But I am sure there would be a lot of deaths if they all went around punching people they don’t like.


You sound like me when I was young and naive.

Let’s do a quick count, just from the last two years in the US.

For the far right:

For the left (which was an attempted murder):

I will repeat for you

I am not going to be a martyr for your pacifism. I am prepared to defend myself against those who have openly called for the deaths of people like me.

If you don’t like that then offer solutions rather than “both sides are the same” style blame.


There is no paradox. Human rights are universal and equal to all. Once you try to limit rights of other groups you step outside the realm of human rights and don’t get to claim them as a privilege for yourself.

If I walk off of a soccer field I get to pick balls with my hands if I so choose but then so can other people.