Rolling Stone profile of Randall "XKCD" Munroe



I believe I’ve stumbled across him posting on the Stack Exchange gaming site. Could there really be two people out there who both would and could answer such a ridiculous question so thoroughly?

There are certain people who are so much smarter than I am that I feel obligated to hate them for my short-comings.

Unfortunately, his webcomic is too good for me to hate him :frowning:

So disappointed to find out that he is not actually a stick figure.


I just want to know what colour is his hat.


There’s probably a whole lot more than two people. Science training often involves ridiculous questions just to get you used to using the methodology. For instance, my introductory physics book had some very odd problems. The one I remember best was calculating the distance to Heaven given data points from Milton’s Paradise Lost. And who can forget this gem: Heaven is hotter than Hell?

But with that same writing style? Sure seemed eerily similar to me. I started to work the math in my head on that four-character username, but quickly realized that if that is him, he is a lot more clever than I am at such things.

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