Ron DeSantis wants to end unanimous jury for death penalty, thus more executions (video)

is it ethical to lie in order to death qualify yourself for a jury?


Death penalty? My, how Christian of him!


That’s different, next question.


iirc, he is framing this in terms of the school shooter who was sentenced to life in prison rather than the bloodier alternative. More executions rather than fewer guns; that’s the desantis way.


You know, in the same way he’s framing the outlawing of race studies in terms of organised Woke Antifa BLM riot gangs burning down shops, and framing the outlawing of being LGBTI+ in terms of contagious gender dysphoria and mastectomies on 12yos, and framing the outlawing of birth control in terms of stopping the abortion of 120-week fetuses.

That is to say: he’s lying about everything because he’s a fascist.


As a political philosophy, it’s odious. As a political strategy it seems to win him enough votes in office to remain cruel.


i think it’s interesting to see how other countries deal with the worst of the worst

[he] killed eight people with a car bomb in Oslo in July 2011, before shooting dead 69 people at a summer youth camp.

He was jailed for a maximum 21 years but applied for parole last month

there’s something to be said for the idea of finite imprisonment. for one thing, it encourages prisoners to not commit more crimes while in jail. it’s also a nod to the idea of rehabilitation.

i think the idea of at least defaulting to release after some time, and evaluating behavior, remorse, and growth for prolonging imprisonment is probably the most humane way to go. like a parole board, but in reverse. and only for the worst crimes


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