Rookie Yearbook Two: Gevinson and pals' wonderful anthology of humane, vigorous, unapologetic feminism


What’s the age-range you’d recommend it for? I have a niece in dire need of some feminist-aunt intervention, and a 10th birthday coming up.

It’s one of those things where it depends on the 10-y-o! But have a look at – the articles are anthologized from there.

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Wow. That’s scary to think that a child would need an intervention at age 10. Are we talking princess fascination or something worse?

We’re talking a bright, independent-minded 10 year old whose gender-role-fixated parents are determined to groom her into a Proper Lady. It’s all an aunt can do to remind her of all the ways she can have a good time while being loud, taking up space, verbalising opinions and not thinking about how she looks.


Yay! I hope this online zine lasts well into my daughter’s teenaged years (coming up sooner than I’d like). I’ll have to pick up these anthologies for her at some point.

Just ordered this one for my daughter. Gave her the first anthology when she was 15. I do my best to inform her about things by conversation and answering her questions honestly, but also through things like this which bring up subjects I would never think of.

Is there a way you can get her involved in a club/group with like-minded girls? The friends she makes from 10-12 will provide a trajectory as she starts dealing with puberty/hormones. Her parents will not have as much influence as friends at that point. So if she starts making feminist friends now, it’ll pay dividends later.

Sometimes the local girl scout troop can be a great pro-girl choice. Depends on the individual leaders, of course.

Well that doesn’t sound very ladylike, does it?

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