Rosetta Mission Predictions Lodged by Thunderbolts Group

It’s been recently said that many people who talk about science today online “don’t actually love science, because science requires you to go where the evidence takes you, even if it goes against your original hypothesis.” (Sean Davis, at

That’s the context within which I’d like to forward the Rosetta Mission predictions by the Thunderbolts Group. When the mission results come in after the November 12th rendezvous, I’ll be back to discuss it …

Significant things to look for as the Rosetta mission continues:

  1. No evidence of subsurface ice at the sources of the jets;
  1. Virtually no interstellar dust, the second component of the “dirty snowball” theory;
  1. Discovery of minerals on the nucleus that are typical of planetary surfaces within the habitable zone of the Sun;
  1. Characteristic concentration of plasma jet activity eating away at the cliffs of elevated terrain and the margins of well-defined depressions;
  1. Measurable retreat of active cliff regions in the wake of this activity; and
  1. The presence of unexpected electric fields within the coma and/or close to the comet nucleus, possibly even disrupting the anticipated landing on the surface. This could occur on or after touch down because the sharp metallic edges of the spacecraft make an ideal focus for a diffuse plasma discharge, which would disrupt communications and possibly interfere with spacecraft electronics.

And, if a strong coronal mass ejection from the Sun strikes the comet, we expect the comet to respond electrically with a surge of activity, confirming that the jets are not due to warming from the Sun but to charged particle distribution in the electric field of the Sun.

They will nail this. The hydroxyl (OH) that will be observed in these jets, and subsequently pointed to as evidence for subsurface ices, can alternatively be explained as the result of electric discharge machining of the silicates in the rocks. See video explanation at 23:12 by following this link:

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