Round up of Silicon Valley's worst apologies of 2017


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I didn’t see this on the list:

In an interview with CNBC Monday, Damore was asked if he would have changed anything about his memo knowing what he knows now.

“I think I wouldn’t have used the word neuroticism, even though that is the official term used in psychology, just because that has a very negative connotation,” Damore responded.


we mistakenly pointed to the wrong reason =
we thought we were going to lie about this using Lie # 22 but we had actually decided to lie about this using Lie # 73
we will be doing an internal audit to figure out why everyone wasn’t on the same playbook about the lie we had all agreed to use. heads will roll!





It’d be more honest if Dorsey just said straight up that Trump can tweet anything he wants because it is good for Twitter’s business.


“Instead, I’ll just use the correct word: hysterical.”


Forced apologies are one of the most ridiculous demands of modern society. The disingenuousness of all involved parties is sickening.


Don’t worry. We’re getting closer and closer to the day all apologies will just say “fuck you.” Electing Trump is just a symptom, but not the cause.


I would actually prefer that.


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