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Fair enough. I am not the right person to write up a proposal of this sort, but I happen to have access to a large community of like-minded individuals who might have access to the right knowledge. What are your functional requirements?

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Fairly straightforward:

  • payment processing, preferably with a supported plugin (payment security and crypto is hard, we do not want to roll our own), preferably with multiple currency, tax, and payment processor support (since our readership comes from all over the world, and, I doubt there’s one payment processor everyone would be happy with.)
  • Subscription management, so folks can choose monthly/yearly subscriptions if they wish, handle renewals, cancellations, etc.
  • The ability to work with our existing plugins that handle trackers/ads on the site today
  • Integration with existing opcode/object caching
  • Most important: the ability to handle authentication at the cache edge so the cache decides who sees which content. We receive too much traffic to do this dynamically. This means log-in and session handling needs to be cachable at the CDN edge, and revokable if users choose to quit subscribing.

I was a little distraught at the newly truncated feed at first, but in a perverse sort of way I’ve grown to prefer it (or maybe I’ve just made peace and am rationalizing it :slight_smile: ). Since I am always drowning in unread RSS items anyway, having the post content less likely to attract my attention… is sort of welcome, I guess.

@orenwolf : just a note that the RSS feed seems to has stopped at the CIA toolkit post from yesterday.

Ha, I just thought they were taking the weekend off.

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This should be corrected. Thanks.

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Maybe you should compare notes with I do like their model.

I created a new topic to discuss the idea of a subscription BoingBoing, both conceptually and technically. If you’ve got insights about who or what technologies could serve the site’s needs, feel free to contribute there – or even if you think the idea of subscription BoingBoing isn’t inherently asinine (or even if you think it is inherently asinine).

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