Truncated RSS Feed

Has anyone noticed in the last day or two that the RSS feed for Boing Boing now truncates articles? We can no longer read full articles in our RSS Readers but only the lede and then we have to follow a link to the site.

An era is over. I’ve been reading BB via RSS for probably 11 or 12 years and I’ve never been required to go to the site to read a full article. Is this because of a need for my eyeball for your advertising, BB?


I guess I should summon @beschizza.

I haven’t looked today actually but it was truncated before the redesign and now it has not been.

I’ve been reading BB via RSS for years and this is the first time that every article has required me to come to the site to read it. This is a change in the last couple of days.

Yeah I just looked at feedly now and they have gone to click here for more.
Though honestly 80% for awhile now of the time I have been reading it here on the BBS. Probably one of the reasons I got the addict…err regular badge.



Wonder if I’m missing something. The Feedly entry for the “How To Recognize and Handle Abnormal People: A Manual for the Police Office” post seems complete, and that’s only 22 minutes old.

I’ll pay closer attention to my Feedly…

ETA - OK, but the “Mentally ill man jailed over $5 worth of snacks dies in cell after waiting months for mental health care” definitely has a “Read More”, and it’s only 52m old.

So yeah, that looks like a change.

And I also am sad to see full posts in RSS pass if this is not in error.

I just checked Newsblur and got the same results you did. Pesco’s 2 latest are full, but Xeni’s are truncated. Maybe it’s an author thing?


… and even more of them today. Sigh.

Yes! Articles that I saved for later yesterday – which were full articles when I saved them – are now truncated. And so is everything else. DO NOT WANT.

Well, not everything. Looks like @beschizza’s articles aren’t being truncated. But stuff that wasn’t truncated yesterday is definitely getting truncated now. Ugh.

We’re experimenting with things and feeds were reset to default (where each item is broken by a special tag). I will have a full feed restored soon.


Can we start calling you Rob “Let’s bikeshed in production” Beschizza?

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I signed up just to thank you for working on restoring the full feed. Thank you for restoring the full feed!

It is happening on @doctorow’s posts today still.

Yeah, I’m still seeing a majority of posts as being truncated.

I miss Boing Boing, been reading via RSS so long, it’s difficult to read it any otrher way. I wish the truncated RSS feeds would be fixed.

Also for a few weeks now images haven’t been working in my RSS feed (I use BazQux Reader). All other feeds, the images work fine.

Me too.

@beschizza The full feed isn’t restored. Cory’s posts, for example, are all truncated still in RSS.

Well I solved the images not displaying, Privacy Badger was blocking

Almost all posts are still being truncated. @beschizza can you maybe fix this? It’s been three weeks. Thanks.