First Second Books: a look back at ten years of world-changing graphic publishing

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Hey @doctorow and anyone who has the power to do BoingBoing webby things–

When longform articles go to the RSS feed, the feed doesn’t include the lede. (In fact, all it includes is a thumbnail of the hero image.) But when you click on the “more…” link, the page that comes up goes to an anchor after the lede. So we have to scroll back up to read the intro paragraph.

I’m not a fan of the “more…” links in the RSS feed to begin with (I’d much rather have all the posts showing in full, but advertisers probably feel differently, I guess). But if we’re stuck with the “more” links it would be great if they worked as effectively as possible for us RSS folks.

The RSS feed could be modified to include the intro text that appears above the “more” anchor. Not sure why that’s not happening now. Less ideal would be if the more anchor was at the very top of the article.


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