Ruben Bolling won the 2017 Herblock Prize!


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I was kind of wondering why there had been no story about this, considering the news has been out for two weeks now. Oh well.


I was trying to figure out if Ruben Bolling was an anagram for something. The only thing I could come up with was “Lone Burbling.” Do we know the origin of the pseudonym?


Good show old-man!


Bolling (never knew that was a pseudonym) announced it on Twitter a week or so ago.

But, you know, there’s been so much going on . . .


Congratulations, Mr. Fisher. It would be a well-deserved honour if only for the creation of Lucky Ducky.


Calvin. And Hobbes.

I only just now got that after all these years thanks to the headline.


Given the present political atmosphere, I’m hoping that "Ken Fisher’ isn’t his real name.


It’s always weird to find out someone whose name you’re familiar with is just a pseudonym. Next we’ll learn “Rob Beschizza” is just the pen name for a 74-year-old Australian woman named Gwendolyn McKenzie.


Or a sixteen-year-old Canadian woman named Julia?


Congratulations, Mr. Fisher! A well-deserved honor for someone who consistently delivers the goods.

P.S. I’m glad I’m not the only one here who didn’t know “Ruben Bolling” was a pseudonym … IF it’s a pseudonym …


The truth is out.

His real name is Glen N. Boilrug.


Congrats Ruben on a well-deserved win! There’s something special about his cartoons - a humor that is borne out of rage, you could say. His best strips are the ones that make me laugh, then want to cry when I see the underlying truth behind it.


Congrats, Mr. Fisher! Always glad when an artist I’m a fan of is honored with an award :slight_smile:

Loved the Calvin & Hobbes riff! I wonder if Bill Watterson will see it. I suspect he’ll approve given his own subtle use of philosophy and satire.

Her name is MacKenzie. Get the spelling right! :wink:


I notice the article and header have been edited, so who is keyser söze ken fisher?


I almost went with my grandmother’s maiden name when I started writing: Sweet.


And it would turn into a ballroom blitz!

Also enormous congratulations to Mr. Fisher although I prefer the pseudonym. I’d love to take a Ruben Bolling.



Nicely done! Congrats!


A few more anagrams to consider: