Ruby Rose explores gender fluidity in beautiful short film


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She’s very, very pretty.

I’d scold her for smoking, but whatevs.
ok, now that I’ve got my initial not-very-constructive comment out of my system, I’ll say this:
It’s amazing how fluid we can all be- at least outwardly. And it’s interesting to see how many of those changes are social constructs (hair length, dress vs. pants, etc etc).


I dig the change in attitude as she shifts gender expression. From quiet demure confidence to explicit aggression and challenge, it seems to convey some interesting ideas about what it means to perform as a particular gender.


I cannot recommend this NPR Radiolab/Invisibilia podcast highly enough:

It’s about gender fluidity, experienced in the blink of an eye several times a day. People with this condition don’t have psychosis, Dissasociative Personality Disorder (split personalities), etc. They’ll perform differently on spatial and language acuity puzzles based on their gender self-identity, etc. Studies on this have a lot of potential to shed light on the rather nebulous concept of Gender Identity.

And it dives into the personal cost. Of coming out of the shower in a male body, but shifting to female and throwing up when seeing their body in the mirror. Of the challenges with your spouse when this begins to happen to you.

It’s rather striking when the shift happens mid-interview.


Good call on that episode- super interesting.

Sad to me that Ruby Rose’s idea of masculinity is Travis Bickle’s talking to his mirror. She/he may have gender fluidity but, from observing this one example, my initial reaction is that the conception of “gender” exhibited is stereotypical in the extreme.


I haven’t tried watching the video, but there are days when I want to butch it up, and there are days when I want to femme it up, but there aren’t days when I want to high-t-level and low-e-level it up…

Let me just make the joke that came to my mind, but do know I fully respect and support everyone in the LGBT community and wish them all the best.

… It’s amazing what women do in order to get that 23% pay increase.

That was beautiful

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