Rudy Guiliani and Mike Flynn lose honorary degrees

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Do they give out dishonorary degrees? MBA: Masters of Bullshit Administration.


Friday afternoon timing or not, any time someone can exact a price from MAGAts for spreading their dangerous and deranged disinformation it should happen and be as harsh as possible.

I want these two particular ones to go down in history as “disgraced former NYC mayor” and “disgraced former general”. I applaud the university for bringing us one step further toward this goal.


From another news source:

Flynn, a retired lieutenant general who briefly served as the national security advisor under former President Donald Trump, graduated from the university in 1981. He was “awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters” in 2014, the release says.

The university awarded Giuliani with a Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa in 2003 in response to his “demonstrated leadership in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks,” according to the release.

I wonder if the honorary degrees were in lieu of speaking fees?


The Dust Bin of History is waiting for Rudy & Mike.


[On recent Daily Show that I cant find the clip of] Giuliani is so nuts that he was ranting that he had to “refuse” a knighthood from QE II because those arent allowed for US citizens. (Which is untrue: plenty of Americans receive this award.)

However, one of those Americans is Rudolph Giuliani himself. Fast forward to clip of Giuliani receiving a knighthood from QE II (circa 9/11/2001).

Who in their right mind forgets receiving a knighthood? Then, has a confabulated story of “refusing a knighthood”?

He’s a goner.


Maybe he, Trump, and others in Trump’s circle are doing a long con, hoping to use the insanity defense. So there’s some credence to their using the Reaganesque “I don’t recall”, when questioned in court.


Hopefully, that will include the wonderful prize of jail time.


Honorary Degrees are such a stinking pile of nonsense. People should be ashamed, not honored, to be offered such nonsense. I think it also devalues the institution giving them away. I am opened to be convinced otherwise, but I think this case shows the absurdity of these degrees.


More like magical keys to a city that mayors hand out.


Flynn may skate as he got his pardon before Donnie departed- buy Rudy is going down. Going from counselor to the President to jailhouse lawyer while pushing 80?

Enjoy your golden years, shitweasel!


I treasure mine from Wossamotta U.


The fact that honorary degrees can be revoked adds a small bit of value, but they are a bit silly.


I’m in two minds about it. They’ve been made silly by giving them to politicians and other “benefactors” of science. A proper honorary degree is a proper honour. I’ve been at some ceremonies, and while the ceremonies themselves were silly, the degrees themselves were not. They were given by academics to academics for academic achievements beyond the usual. Those people changed their fields.

And this is nearly the only way academics can honour them, in their lifetime. Universities, at least around here, don’t have the money and the means just to do something else. Naming a road, a building or an institute after fellow academics not only takes to long a time, and re-naming something after a living person is rather… insulting and… dangerously stupid.

That said, while I understand the concept, the whole thing basically wants to bind a famous name to the Uni which “honours” the honoured.


sort of like this?

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This suggests a nice standard. You review the work the person has done. If it clearly fulfills what an enrolled student would need to do to earn a doctorate in some department, you offer to waive things like course requirements to honor them with said degree.

If it’s something like “was mayor when terrorists attacked and could have been worse”, well, maybe at least see if they’re able to write up a decent thesis on that before you give them anything.


Rudy__Truth isn't truth


They don’t just want to have well-known names associated with them. They also hope to loosen the esteemed recipient’s purse strings, and some of their alumni’s as well for good measure.


I haven’t researched it, but my guess is that the champion at this game is still Malcolm Forbes:

Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary) (honorary), Nasson College, 1966.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Oklahoma Christian College, 1973.
Doctor of Letters (honorary) (honorary), Milliken University, 1974.
Doctor of Letters (honorary) (honorary), Ball State University, 1980.
Doctor of Fine Arts (honorary) (honorary), Franklin Pierce College, 1975.
Doctor of Science of Business Administration (honorary) (honorary), Bryant College, 1976.
Doctor of Journalism (honorary) (honorary), Babson College, 1977.
Doctor of Journalism (honorary) (honorary), Central New England College, 1981.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), American Graduate School International Management, 1977. Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Pace University, 1979.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Potomac School Law, 1979. Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Kean College New Jersey, 1981.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Westminster College, 1981.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Seton Hill College, 1981.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), University Vermont, 1982.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), University Northern Colorado, 1983.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), East Texas State University, 1984.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Lehigh University, 1984.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Webster University, 1984.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Wittenberg University, 1985.
Doctor of Economic Journalism (honorary) (honorary), Lakeland College, 1980.
HHD (honorary) (honorary), Hofstra University, 1981.
HHD (honorary) (honorary), Ohio University, 1981.
HHD (honorary) (honorary), Southwestern at Memphis, 1983.
Doctor of Business Administration (honorary) (honorary), Bloomfield College, 1982.
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Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary) (honorary), Lincoln College, 1983.
Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary) (honorary), University Denver, 1983.
Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary) (honorary), Hillsdale College, 1984.
Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary) (honorary), Johns Hopkins University, 1984.
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Distributed control system (honorary) (honorary), St. Bonaventure, 1986.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), University Aberdeen, 1986.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Lewis and Clark College, 1986.
Degree in International Entrepreneurship (honorary) (honorary), Armand Hammer United World College of America West.
Distributed control system (honorary) (honorary), Suffolk University, 1987.
Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary) (honorary), Carnegie-Mellon University, 1987.
Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary) (honorary), Centenary College, 1987.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), University Missouri, 1987.
Doctor of Business Administration (honorary), Johnson & Wales College, 1987.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Southwestern Adventist College, 1987.
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Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary) (honorary), University Tampa, 1988.
Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary) (honorary), Loyola College, 1988.
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Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Syracuse University, 1988.
Doctor of Laws (honorary) (honorary), Trenton College, 1988.
Doctor of Public Service and Business Leadership, Adams State College, 1988.