Rudy Rucker's latest steampunk novel: "Return to the Hollow Earth," a voyage starring Santa Cruz hippies and Edgar Allan Poe


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The wondrous Hollow Earth holds jungles, seas, native tribes, flying pigs, killer nautiluses, giant ants, and live flying saucers."

That’s a typical Saturday night for me.


I’m all over this.


Thanks, Cory! Most of the Santa Cruz characters who come into play are Mexican migrants living in the low-rent Beach Flats area…they take in my heroes Mason and Seela, who are black by the time they get back from the Hollow Earth. But, yeah, there are a couple of skungy Cruz hippies floating around too.


I backed the Kickstarter and read both of the books a little while back. They’re quite good, but I’ll never look at
Poe the same way again.


Mr. Rucker, I very much enjoy your work.


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