Inside the hollow Earth are aliens, Nazis, and the Lost Tribes of Israel


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I thought the Nazi’s escaped to the moon?


There have also been a lot of stories that the hollow Earth is where their saucer base is. The teaser I saw for the new Iron Sky movie goes there.


BTW the sequel goes underground.


This book looks cute, but is there anything new that Robert Anton Wilson didn’t already say in the seventies? (Or Charles Fort in the thirties?)


Surely we would have picked up the togetherness-deficiencies on seismic sensors if the hollow earth contains both the lost tribes of Israel and Nazis?

Aliens know how to be quiet, when the need arises(source: X-Com: UFO Defense, night mission, Crysalids); but those others can’t be getting along.


Evil, nasty, sneaky, dastardly damn Chrysalids! Moving across half the map in a turn, making my brave soldies into nasty zombies!

If I ever needed a justification for save-scumming, I’d blame Chrysalids.



I loved Iron Sky… I can’t wait for this one!


But we clearly saw him on the moon! MY CONTINUITY! Wah!


This is why global warming is such a calamity: When the polar ice melts, all our oceans will drain through the holes like water from a bathtub, leaving our outer earth bone dry, while the lost tribes of Israel drown in another cataclysmic flood.


He wasn’t on the moon, though. That was the post-Hitler guy who was running the moon-nazi-utopia…

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