Ruined pub still getting TripAdvisor reviews

What the chef might look like:


This makes me wonder how much money is spent on reputation defense or pushing back against order & delivery “disruptors” that are costly to businesses like florists and restaurants.


Just here to say that “derelict mannequin factory” is my new sick burn


Their first album was amazing!


My office routinely gets reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp, both good and bad.

It is a locked, secure facility with no public access under any circumstances.



I spent a long Saturday afternoon making my way towards and searching futility for a German beer hall in China that apparently had been closed for several years despite someone praising the wiener schnitzel only a month before. So annoying.

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And almost as bad are the questions and answers. Someone gets emailed a question automatically and even if they do not know the answer they think they should respond and their fuckwit responses get published as answers. It completely mystifies me that Amazon don’t realise this is a pile of shit damaging their brand and site, and that they don’t already have a way of reducing it. Like telling people “please only respond to this if you do know the answer”, which is pretty weak compared to what they could do, but it would be a start.


It could be fake reviewers generating a plausible history of reviews to fool the detection system by randomly reviewing some existing businesses before filing their targeted shill review.

You see that a lot on message boards like this. Bots will leave a series of innocuous generic comments before spamming their links all over the place.


But but but you stopped right before the part about ROBE which I feel is relevant here…

“What is good crap?” Arsibalt asked in a politely incredulous tone.

“Well, bad crap would be an unformatted document consisting of random letters. Good crap would be a beautifully typeset, well-written document that contained a hundred correct, verifiable sentences and one that was subtly false. It’s a lot harder to generate good crap. At first they had to hire humans to churn it out. They mostly did it by taking legitimate documents and inserting errors-swapping one name for another, say. But it didn’t really take off until the military got interested.”

“As a tactic for planting misinformation in the enemy’s reticules, you mean,” Osa said. “This I know about. You are referring to the Artificial Inanity programs of the mid-First Millennium A.R.”

“Exactly!” Sammann said. “Artificial Inanity systems of enormous sophistication and power were built for exactly the purpose Fraa Osa has mentioned. In no time at all, the praxis leaked to the commercial sector and spread to the Rampant Orphan Botnet Ecologies. Never mind. The point is that there was a sort of Dark Age on the Reticulum that lasted until my Ita forerunners were able to bring matters in hand.”

emphasis mine


I’m going to suggest that a lot of these reviews are real. I went to this pub in 2016 at 10pm to get a drink (after some bar hopping). The hostess was dressed really unprofessionally (in a nightgown and curlers), and was rude A.F. She refused to serve us drinks, and when we insisted, the manager came out with a bat and an unfriendly dog. I mean, who keeps a mean dog in a pub?


TripAdvisor was my travel advice go-to for years.
The most helpful places were the forums. There was a large contingent of “trip report” posters, and after reading a while, you could get the feel of which traveler were most like you. Then, click on their name, see where they’ve been, read those reports.
The trip reports had every good and bad experience, 24/7. You could see all sides of a vacation city you’d never been to by reading 4 or 5 reports - one would be all about the food, one about cleanliness, one about what was on-time and how long everything took, and one or two would be liberal or conservative overviews. They helped even more than the reviews.

(Disclaimer - I’ve been reviewing my travels for 15(?) years there. I used to travel a lot, and found the site useful, so I contributed. I even got the T-shirt!)

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