Rule mail-fighting-fancy-spam with an iron fist because YOU ARE THE MOTHER F*CKING KING!


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“manage [*] subscription” gets some of the sneakier ones too


Which mail package allows you to code “From: is not from any of my address books”?


Apple’s Mail app, for one (you can select “sender is in my contacts” as a rule predicate).

I would guess some version of this is in Outlook, Thunderbird etc. too


Are you the one person on the planet using Apple’s mail app?


No, he isn’t - if you trust this link, then around 5% of emails are sent with Apple Mail:


From which we can conclude that either Apple mail users are incredibly closed-lipped or the rule is irrelevant for only 95% of people.


I work at a fancy university, and an alarming amount of the faculty use Apple mail. I therefore have to support it. I therefore often feel dead inside.


What’s wrong with For simple mail usage it works fine. I’ve been using it for 9 years with multiple accounts, tens of thousands of messages, and it rarely causes me any problems.


Um, probably all of them?

Even a creaking old antique email program like Eudora has a filter setting for “intersects/does not intersect with address book”


Eh, Mail is reliable and stores my stuff. Couldn’t ask for much more than that.


Cory uses Thunderbird, doesn’t he? So perhaps that?




I just checked, Thunderbird’s filters do allow “is/isn’t in my address book”.

Only problem I see with this is that it’ll also hit on a lot of stuff I normally get from companies I actually want to receive from, unless I add them to my address book… and making sure I wouldn’t miss any of 'em that aren’t already in my address book would require much more regular/complete scans of my junk folder than I currently do.


There isn’t anything ‘wrong’ with it. It’s just some people believe that anything Apple makes is bad and therefore has no merit. Sometimes these same people will state that Outlook is so much better even though it doesn’t seem to work that well as an email program in the first place.


No. I actually own a Mac as my primary laptop, and I don’t use the app. My choice was based off of issues I had with it over a decade ago, so if it’s awesome now, please let me know. Otherwise I don’t have the time to look into it.


I use both and Thunderbird. Both work fine on OS X.


I use Gmail which has a lot of mail filtering features, (yes I know. I do use gpg and a different system that I trust for anything important.)

At work I use outlook, and it has the most extensive (but not user friendly) feature set I know of for filtering. It also replicates a filesystem for your email, implemented as a completely opaque binary blob in the windows filesystem. Which is awful. But hey at least the whole thing is encrypted. Even if the whole thing is encrypted…


I use fastmail, which isn’t own by a giant corporation that makes money off of selling my data. :slight_smile:


I ought to switch, but by now there are so many people and small businesses I have entrusted with my Gmail address that it seems like more trouble than it’s worth to switch abruptly.