Russia used 150,000 Twitter accounts to meddle in Brexit


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Those ruskie spambots on twitter can be something else. A few years ago, well over a thousand of them followed me on twitter. It took me several sessions over a few weeks to block them all


In before the “nothing to see here, it has nothing to do with Russia, let me see how I can derail this thread” crowd.


I am not aware of the existence of this crowd, outside of the actual White House. What have you been reading?


Then again, the core Brexit voter doesn’t even know what Twitter is.


The commenters here who try to derail every single thread on the topic of Putin’s attempts to undermine confidence in Western liberal democracy – various “useful idiots” and the occasional drive-by from a St Petersburg troll farm gigger.


“We couldn’t have been so dumb to vote for Brexit - must have been the Russians!”


Putin and his advisors are the real progenitors of the post-truth era, and anyone who thought they weren’t leveraging any of the social media platforms that allow unchecked posting of political speech is a naive fool. Even when he gets caught, it’s far too late to do anything about it - hats off to Putin, boy knows what he’s doing. Western politicians look like idiots in comparison. Which is a singularly depressing thought.


Putin is a busy little bee.


150,000 is a whole lot of bots. So, how many did they increase to for the US election?



Should we be calling Putin “Mister Brexit”? Someone else was claiming to be in charge of UK politics back then…


“Tovarish Brexit” seems more appropriate.


“Mr Brexit” is a composite character, a collaborative effort by a team of like-minded (and very manly) artistes who’ve been using the industrialised West as their canvas.





Russians really figured out how to do mass propaganda and psych-ops via social media before anyone else. Sneaky bastards.


No, it looks to me the woman in the hijab is in a state of shock.


I find that oddly comforting since, without a nudge from Putin, it would be more startling than it is that German voters could award one seat in parliament, let alone 13% of them, to members of a far-right party that panders to bigots and nationalists (“what could go wrong?”). The Germans couldn’t be dumb enough to do that without “help.”


I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Twitter is now overwhelmingly a force for evil and any redeeming qualities it may have are no longer enough to justify its continued existence.

So is there, like, a plug we can pull somewhere or…