An alt-right blogger with 80k followers is a fictional entity created by Russian troll farm


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This is my surprised face.


There are literally dozens of these. Just sort through the trending topics at any given time on Twitter, click on a political one, and you’ll see them in the top tweets. Some of them are pretty well done, but if someone tweets 30+ times a day, and 90%+ of it is political, it’s a pretty obvious sockpuppet/bot situation.


Fake news.


I was just texting my super-model GF when I read this… wow… some people are so gullible.


Could they hook this up to that Microsoft Nazi chatbot and just let it go to town?


Is she Canadian?


Ahhh. . . but if “she” is a paid employee her superiors would be telling her to argue less, post inflammatory bait more. She’s not on Twitter to win arguments, she’s on Twitter to stir shit up.


And people still dismiss this stuff, and Russia’s general meddling in the social media, as irrelevant.


This is disgusting. These illegal immigrants are taking jobs the belong to American trolls.

America has a rich and long history of trolling, and it arguably the best in the world at it. We need to expose these foreign trolls and then ignore them, taking away their power.


“Ironghazi, who declined to give his real name for this story … In other words, one of Twitter’s most infamous American trolls had been out-trolled by a state-sponsored Russian influence operation.”

But how do we know Ironghazi isn’t one of those evil furrin trolls?

And what will our poor journalists do if they can’t pad up their articles with cut’n’paste twits?


Why not simply provide source information (IP address) from the client on each twitter post? Would have been obvious from the get go.


Twitter! The futuristic equivalent to high school lunchtime. Some/quite-a-few people never grow out of it apparently, but for the most part 99.9% of information on there is gossipy and worthless. Unless unending arguments are your thing or judging/be-judged celebrities and wannabes, twitter again is fucking worthless. It is the present-day supermarket checkout lane magazine and giving it any more credit than stirring mostly worthless shit up is giving it 1000X more credit than it deserves. If that’s the “future” of news/info/entertainment someone please shoot it and bury it.


twitter is full of insight! You must subscribe to the wrong feeds!


You should be thankful for Twitter! Back in my day, we had to be mean to each other in person.


You know, I gotta wonder if there are any Russian trolls posting here on BB.


I wouldn’t be surprised if there was someone.





Yet another Russian troll.