Alt-right bot army "rules trending topics" on Twitter


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Oh my God! The Russians have invaded Utah!


Couldn’t help myself.


They did it with their navy. Ssh! Keep it under yr hat!


He could be a “staunch liberal who was red-pilled by Islamic terrorism”, or he could be a Cocker Spaniel.


EMERGENCY EMERGENCY Everyone to get from street!


Surely you mean my ушанка, братец?

(By 2034 it will be determined that, amazingly, everyone in the world except Putin was a Russian agent. Putin, it turns out, is a plant by the Belgians.

Nobody ever expects the Belgians.)


And that is why I haven’t looked at “trending” in a long time.

Twitter is fabulous for meeting people who are into the same things you are (and then who expand your knowledge base via what they’re into that you’re not, yet). The trending thing, not so much.


I never look at Trending.

/me goes off and does so.

Apparently Barry Manilow is gay, and it’s National Walking Day.

I shall return to not looking at Trending.


I don’t know why, but I’d always assumed he was out of the closet (sorry Barry).

My summed knowledge of things Barry Manilow has been carefully curated to a small data set.


Least surprising coming-out since Rob Halford from Judas Priest.

Still, good on him. :smiley: :rainbow:


…apart from the Congolese.


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