This Twitter bot is mercilessly trolling Trump fans

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So an exact replication of Trump?


Maybe it’s less racist?


tRump Fans

Makes my skin crawl.


Seems like a fair fight.


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Makes my skin crawl.

My current thinking is that Trump is the first 4chan-esque Troll candidate. I think he appeals to this demographic as an embodiment of the kind of cultural anarchism that’s been brewing in the backwaters of the Internet for decades.

The good news is that if this is true, “Trump Fans” are a very vocal minority, and their online vocalizations will just drive home the point among everyone else as to how repulsive these people are.


A string of tweets with @assbot makes exactly the same amount of sense to me as the rest of Twitter does.


I think @assbott has a better chance of beating the Turing test than you, friend.


Oh my god are you real?

You’re like a juggalo. I’ve heard of you but never actually gotten this close to one. Not talking distance…

Is your brain the ambrosia salad of hate and stupidity and crazy political theory and judeo-hogwash religious beliefs I’m led to believe Trump’s supporters are?

What’s the deal, pickle?



Your faith in people… it’s not mine. I think there’s a lot of angry hateful racist assholes out there that might think this guy is a second coming… or might just hold their nose and vote for him… but it’s the same thing.

Right now the angry lib left are providing these beautiful videos of Trump supporters getting attacked at rallies because… well. They interpret the evidence to support their narrative.

We’re non-rational at the best of times. That’s when were trying. Right now a bunch of people are having gut instinct emotional appeals to the awful shit trump says, liking it, and wanting to do it. And rationalizing their way there.

And so are his opponents. Doing the same thing in he opposite direction.

It’s how people act.

Democracy in action.

He can always radicalize them more. The alt right is some scary culty shit. And theres A LOT of it. And them.

He rounded em up and mobbed the convention. Turns out 51% of the Republicans are Hitler huggers.

Democracy in action.


I’ve often thought that wannabe “pundits” – i.e., politically active but not very smart people who post on the internet – were essentially AIs: a small set of algorithms that react predictably to stimulus. It makes sense that they’d respond to bots.


He’s not an Internet candidate, he’s more like the “alt-right”, the Breitbart angersnark misogynist fodder.


I give it a few days. There will be enough reports of spam and abuse it’ll get turned off. I made a couple bots that also got nuked for the same sort of thing (messaging people directly via the API). Twitter (the company) doesn’t have as great a sense of humor anymore.

I do have one running right now that blends Markov chains to post mixtures of small corpuses of Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump, as well as manually post occasionally and reply to responses. As near as I can tell, it hasn’t been targeted because it doesn’t message anyone directly so it’s not violating anything that gets it banned (other than some Twitter admin getting their panties in a twist). It’s a hobby, I guess.


Here here Old Chap!

“You are very nasty @assbott! When I’m president you’re done!”

From the sound of this tweet Trump’s enemies list could be even bigger than Nixon’s. What does he think he can do as President that will shut up a twitterbot?



How can I say no? OK!

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I hope his PR guy personally responds to every twitterbot now.

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Good gods, reading the “realDonaldTrump” responses to the bot, I assumed it must be the parody “Donald Trump” account because they were so hilariously idiotic, but no, amazingly it’s actually him. I get the impression that Trump thinks (or at least hints) he’ll have some Putin-stye hit squads to take out inconvenient journalists, so axing a Twitter bot would be no sweat.


Do you think it’s possible to make a Butcher Bill bot from Gangs of New York using the script from.the movie, and a Hitler bot, and have them argue?

I’d like to see who Garner’s the most support.

I’d also love to see how many people watch an automated flame war.