Twitter Bots Say They're Sticking with Trump


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH a series of interviews with Twitter bots reveals the reasons behind their steadfast support for President Trump.


This makes perfect sense as to why all my imaginary friends are trump supporters.


“Notice That I’m Edgy and Young and Diverse” tees are sure to be a hot seller.


I’m none of those things, and I want one!


Wonder if there’s a market for “Notice That I’m Old and Boring and White as Mayonnaise”?


To tRump this represents the calvary. The Twitter Calvary…


You would have a sale here except that I’m also far too middle class ever to wear clothes with writing on.


Certainly there is. Is there not a J Crew near you?


A MAGA hat.


I … oh god, you’re right. :cry:


For those who don’t follow Mr. Bolling’s Facebook or whatnot:

15% off today only.

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