Epic (and epically long) twitter thread about how Pizzagaters talk themselves completely out of reality

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/opens note on idea for app/site to render Twitter threads as a single paragraphed document.

ETA: Already exists: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/947327674707595264.html

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Do not stare into the abyss that is the replirs to said thread.

The alt-reich are so far into fantasy, they’ve done tunnelled and switched themselves with Bizarro World versions. That is thr only logical explanation for the delusions obthr American (or “American”) right wing.

That “rabbit hole” they went down is their own collective anus.


I would speculate there some pizza gate types theories start out life as CreepyPasta. Then people take them and run with them.


Just for sake of complete bullshit, try finding out 'bout German “Reichsbürger” if you are into rabid holes.

Since those cranks actually hoard weapons, and at least one shooting (a very rare thing over here) occurred, I don’t even find this is funny anymore:


In case it wasn’t insane enough:



Have I missed something? What’s pizzagate?

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It’s a conspiracy theory so insane that it makes the 9/11 Truther movement look like a case study in critical thinking. (Short version: Hillary & other prominent progressives literally eat babies and run child sex slave rings out of D.C. area pizza parlors).


it’s a good thread, and certainly a good primer if you really don’t know from pizzagate (and didn’t see the SVU episode) but I feel like what is missing still is a sense of scale of the problem. How many pizzagaters are there? How influential are the highest ranking, totally earnest pizzagaters? what’s the median influence level and earnestnest level of a pizzagater. I know Twitter-based conspiracies are notoriously difficult to define, but without something a bit harder and colder, I’m having trouble grasping giw much I should worry aboit this, given the veritable meat-lovers supreme of fucking batshut insanity we all have to keep track of these days.

Well what else are they meant to do for entertainment?

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Patronize the Kennedy Center?


that’s a truly fascinating hashtag.

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