#D5: Advice for people who just realized that Qanon is bullshit


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Brenda probably is in on it, tbh. And the corgis too.


Wait, wait, wait.

Pizza is part of the deep state now? :confused:


I wish these cult-deprogramming methods scaled to address tens of millions of people, because that’s the magnitude of the problem we currently face in the U.S.

Oh yes. It’s a key aspect of the whole Qanon idiocy:

Short version: the heroic agent Qanon is secretly working with Il Douche and Robert Mueller to expose this network of liberal paedophiles who operate out of the basements of hipster pizza joints (the most prominent of which, you won’t be surprised to learn, doesn’t have a basement).

Right-wingers ruin everything, including pizza.


Just curious, was that cover image designed as a serious commentary, or was it ironic? I’m not familiar with DDees.com.


Poe’s Law in action, I thought the same thing. It’s impossible to tell.


I preferred the time when Pizzagate referred to Cesc Fàbregas throwing a pizza at Alex Ferguson


If this is a “stupid conspiracy theory,” how dangerous would a smart one be?




Only deep dish. :wink:


I was reading someone’s craft-related Twitter feed, only to be brought short by some Qanon posts. (Which was upsetting, like discovering this person has a serious, untreated mental illness… which is more or less true.) The Qanon messages were total gibberish, but they managed to interpret them to mean, well… something. I realized that if someone can’t realize Qanon is bullshit at this point, nothing will make them realize it.


Totally completely agree with @Shuck, if they have not realized, like within seconds of exposure to this idiocy, that it was in fact a hive of idiocy, they are probably hopelessly self deluded and one should probably avoid eye contact and back away slowly.


One small correction: I’m the author of the piece, and I’m Colin, not Jennifer. (It’s primarily her blog, but I write for it fairly regularly–one of the benefits of being married to her.) Thanks for the share!


Only deep pan pizza. Stick to thin crust and you should be ok


How do we really know you are not Jennifer…


“Smart” people don’t tend to overestimate their intelligence. They tend to underestimate it, because they have the cognitive abilities to recognize the flaws in their intelligence and knowledge. This is the flip side of the Dunning-Kruger hypothesis.


There is a difference between trusting the self and trusting others.

There is a reason Aum Shinrikyo recruited from graduates of top colleges and PhDs.


You need to address this directly to @doctorow, as Cory does not appear to always read the comments section of his blog posts.


It’s weird. I know a guy who is very politically active. Bernie Progressive. Gay. Yet banks at Wells Fargo and thinks 9/11 was a gov’t conspiracy. You simply cannot talk to these people. They are right and no one can tell them otherwise. Ever.


Thanks - I’m not sure it’s really worth his time. I don’t mind the misattribution, since my name is on the original piece and it’s a joint blog. I nearly didn’t mention it at all.