With Trump out, QAnon influencers are desperate to keep their grift going

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The word “just” deserves a medal of honor for its role in this sentence



I wish I could believe that…


It’s so much easier with a doomsday cult, where you can say, “The world will end on this date!” And then, when that date passes, you can just say, “Oops, I did the math wrong. The actual date is OOO.”

There’s no extending the deadline of January 20, 2021, and that day has passed. God, that feels good to say!


“It’s over,” one QAnon chat room participant wrote, just after Mr. Biden’s swearing-in.

Presented with a knowing wink and a boatload of sarcasm:


No point in engaging with cultists and suckers. Keep an eye on them, but trying to bring them back to reality is near impossible for anyone who isn’t a mental health professional or a de-programmer. They were write-offs before and they’re write-offs now.


Darn… and I had $20 riding on JFK Jr. AND Trump (who only pretended to leave) rapelling down the Capitol dome and stopping the inauguration, so Trump can reclaim his rightful seat.

I’m beginning to wonder…


Just like all the cults that predict the world will end on a certain day… but at least those usually have a plan B. Are the Q cult leaders so dense that they believed their own religion?


Sometimes Plan B is a stroke.



Need I add more?


Never bet on something that is physically impossible.


Oh, good grief!

Well, on the one hand, these nut-jobs might intimidate the GOPers enough to enable JB’s agenda to pass. On the other hand, there’s no telling how many of them will actually go in that direction.
On the gripping hand, they are still nut-jobs, so…


Some of them are actually saying that Biden is Q!

via Gizmodo:


even more notable is they refer to the bozos that feed them these ridiculous stories as “journalists”.


The more things change, the more they remain the same! I found a very relevant account of a historical event from the early Roman period:

Some Jesus believers tried to rejigger their theories to accommodate a transfer of power to the Pharisees. Several large Jesus conclaves discussed on Wednesday the possibility that they had been wrong about Mr. Pilate, and that it was actually part of God’s effort to take down the forces of injustice.

“The more I think about it, I do think it’s very possible that Pontius Pilate will be the one who fires the ballista,” one account wrote in a codex originating in Nicaea.

Others expressed anger with Jesus mystics who had told believers to expect a dramatic culmination at the moment of crucifixion.

“A lot of scribes have just lost one hell of a lot of credibility,” wrote a graffitist on a Jerusalem wall.

Still others attempted to shift the gladiatorial win conditions, and simply told their fellow “christians” to hang on and wait for future, unspecified developments.

“Don’t worry about what happens at Calvary Hill,” wrote one Joseph of Arimathaea, “Watch what happens after that.”

And some appeared to realize that they’d been duped.

“It’s over,” said one Jesus adherent, identified only as “Peter”, just after the crucifixion.


Yeah, you would think that was the case, but I was told over a week ago that, really, something-something some 19th century banking law something something the REAL inauguration date is March 4th something something America is a corporation that secretly overtook the old republic something something Trump will be the first president of the New Republic (or 19th president of the continuation of the original republic, I guess it depends on how you count it). He agreed that if this does not come to pass, that he will renounce Q. I seriously doubt it, though.


The inauguration date was March 4 until the 20th Amendment changed it. Of course, only the original Constitution (and no copies thereof) count for these people. None of the laws or amendments that have been passed since then count because that’s not what the Founding Fathers intended (as though the Founding Fathers were monolithic in what they thought).


I know you joke. But a major part of what was supposed to happen today was Trump not actually leaving.

Something about a double going in the plane to Florida while the real still totally Marine 1 circled so Trump could something or other by landing in the middle of the inauguration.

Or he was supposed to secretly go to Texas for some reason.

The fact that he turned out to really be in Florida just golfing as promised seemed to devastate people.

So then what was supposed to happen is Biden was going to not be sworn in. But confess live on camera. Where upon Nancy Pelosi would also confess.

And the director of Fema would become president because maritime law and the US is a corporation.

Or something.

In the end they settled on the same answer that the Q crowd will. Jews did it.

Because something something the US was converted into a corporation in 18 something or other. And all past US history is not real. So Trump will be the first president ever!

It’s all going down when George Soros holds a press conference at Nancy Pelosi’s Antarctic base near the entrance to the Hollow Earth. Soros will admit to using inter dimensional Sasquatch (Sasquatches?) to alter the election results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and American Samoa.


Many incorrectly assume that it is Sasquatchopodes, when in fact as a compound word it is properly pluralized Sasses Quatch.