A rare interview with a recovering QAnon'er

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I still don’t get this mindset. Of course there are good people fighting the good fight. It’s just that the things they are fighting against include stuff like “economic and racial injustice” instead of “Satanic pedophile cults.”


I hear that many of Q’s predictions aren’t coming to pass. But don’t worry, folks! Q has a cousin, named John Frum, who has been working hard for the US Government in the South Pacific. Now John Frum is going to come to America. But the nasty evil deep state is controlling the airlines, using its socialist unionized Air Traffic Controllers. So we’ll have to build our own runways, so that John Frum’s plane can land in loyal Trump-loving rural areas. If you have a farm, you need to bulldoze your crops and build a runway, and then John Frum will come to finish the Great Work that Q started!


Also, you know, Qanon want to murder all people who look like him. Seems like that would have been a sticking point eventually, but :man_shrugging:

Yes, but they’re fighting you.


But also those, too. [picture montage of Trump, Epstein, Graham, etc.]


“fraudulent psychics”

wait… is there any other kind of psychic…?


What’s really confusing is that we have mountains of hard, publicly accessible evidence from numerous and valid sources of a “holy” pedophile cult and a lot of Qanoners seem to think they’re not a big deal compared with their made-up bullshit.

If only they cared about fucking up the lives of reality-based child rapists like the catholic church.


Cargo cult in reverse?

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I suppose there are self-deluded psychics as well. The ones who pulled the wool over their own eyes.


But all the real pedophiles we know about are boring. They’re just regular people - people you might know, people who you might look up to, even. Satanic cults are mysterious and interesting! (And definitely don’t involve any of the people you view as moral leaders - just the people you already don’t like! So convenient, too! Anything you want to do to those who disagree with you politically is now morally justified as they’re baby-raping Satanists! They’re literally the worst!)


I knew you were going to say that.


Honest ones, who tell you it’s a trick and they’re just doing it for entertainment. Basically magicians, but on the mental side instead of the sleight of hand side.


Actually if one has to fight against paedophiles and illegal prostitution there’s is the police and the judges, and don’t have problem on charging rich people…

Sounds like Bible study class.


The only Q that matters.

It’s too bad it’s a proper noun, or it would have been right up there in my Scrabble pocket with qat and cinq.


“Q gave me purpose, meaning and perhaps saddest of all, he gave me joy.”

It is not sad that this man got purpose, meaning and joy from Q. It is sad that he was unable to find those things in his real, lived life. That of course is no fault of his own necessarily. I too struggled (and still do sometimes) to find those things. But if I’ve learned one thing it’s that you can’t spend too long looking outside your self for those things or you’ll end up hurting more than you were to begin with. And you may even end up believing some incredibly stupid made-up bullshit you read on the internet and end up wasting 2 years of your life in a void of idiocy.


What he doesn’t say out loud, but is written between every line of his excuse, is that he turned to Q because whenever he saw real people trying to make things better, they were the people he hates. Because they’re SJWs, and libs, and they’re implicitly judging him by daring to have a moral compass about real life.

I have no sympathy for this genre of self-pitying nonpology from rats deserting the Turmp boat. “I only pledged my soul to Evil because I got confused from trying too hard to be good!” No. Fuck you. This wasn’t something that happened to you, it’s something you participated in.

I imagine we’re going to see more of this in the next few weeks, especially in the unlikely event Turmp is defeated. We should probably all start thinking about what credible repentance might look like, as opposed to the bullshit kind.




But my horoscope said these messages from Q were legit! (Or so it would seem.)


QAnon is the ultimate “moving the goalposts” endeavor.


This is sort of the achilles heel of movements built on predictions. Initially failed prophesies paradoxicaly increase the dedication of followers. But repeat failures tend to drive off most people.

The disturbing bit is what remains is the very most dedicated core.

Tell that to my childhood, and it’s epic brokeness.