A QAnon supporter used her car to attack random strangers who she suddenly decided were Satanic pedophiles

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But…but what about the anarchists are putting anti-fascist messages on mailboxes. / zentrum

Right-wing stochastic terrorists have seriously misinterpreted the bogus ammosexual talking point about more people being killed by cars than by guns and have decided to weaponise the former.


I think one could build an entire story just on the line:

She was released on an $11,000 bond the day following her arrest.

I am not sure whose decision that was, but I am positive they have no business making those decisions.

"Fulbright’s arrest did little to dissuade her from following QAnon, Molina and Mueller told RWW.

Fulbright contacted Molina after getting out of jail, seemingly unaware that she had done anything wrong. Molina said that Fulbright told her that one of the cops who arrested her had winked at her and told her she was in “good girl jail” because “they knew I was doing good.” Molina said she confronted her ex-roommate about the seriousness of her actions but that her concerns were “not registering at all.”



I’m expecting allot more of this in the very near future.


I have friends and even family espousing crazy shit daily. Maybe not this crazy but basically the same crap Dolt 45 uses to defend his indefensible actions.

One of my friends (a vegan hippy from woodstock FFS) who won’t shut the fuck up about his gun rights and how he feels like someone is lying about the pandemic and something about “fake numbers”

My mother thinks the virus numbers a “cooked”. She’s sending my nephew back to school 5 days a week because “it’s a private catholic school and they said it would be fine. Besides it’s all a conspiracy to keep T out of office”. WTF?

The only commonality is that they aren’t college educated and we’re never strong academics/ intellectuals.

But C’mon. Really?

I can’t take it any more. It’s sad to lose touch with people because they’ve lost touch with reality, but I’m not interested in “fixing” anyone. That’s a lost cause.

Correct me if I’m wrong but from what I’ve seen, reopening is not going well and it’s the teachers, staff and parents that are the ones at the highest risk.

My family drives me crazy but I don’t want them unnecessarily putting themselves at risk.

NYS’s own guidelines are nothing but word salad and fluff from what I can see. There doesn’t actually seem to be a plan there and they seem to be ignoring that kids are super spreaders.


There’s no mention of testing requirements, no mention that only staff with an immunity will be allowed to work. It’s mostly just “recommendations“ and stating the obvious like “must provide food”. How do you intend on enforcing social distancing with a bunch of 12 year olds?

If I’m way off base maybe there’s someone who can assuage my concerns, but it does worry me that what it looks like is that people just want someone else to watch and be responsible for their kids and it may backfire horribly.

But overall this misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theory nonsense has got to fucking stop or we’ll never have a chance to come up with a real game plan to keep everyone safe.

After all the latest conspiracy from Dolt 45’s mouth is that the FDA is delaying approval of the vaccine until after the election to make HIM look bad. He now wants to “push” the vaccine through like his buddy Putin. Do you want to take that vaccine?


Including the roommate who says that she introduced Fulbright to QAnon for the lulz.


Yup. Came here to say (regardless of Molina’s sex), “good job, bro.”


The boyfriend, too. These are the kinds of “friends” who constantly invite people who they know are alcoholics to parties at bars.


Cowards appreciate a mechanism of death that puts as much space between themselves and their victims as possible.


You see this 180-degree shift all too frequently with people who were taught a healthy progressive distrust of The Man™ but who didn’t have the education or critical thinking skills to reject charlatans. Thus, the hippie weed farmers in the northwest gradually morphed into sexually abusive ammosexuals. Also, shamefully, there are almost as many affluent liberals buying anti-vaxxer woo as there are right-wingers and Xtianists.


They talk about health and socialisation concerns for the kids, but in the end it’s a purely economic decision that disrespectfully equates public schools with daycare.

And yes, it will backfire. I expect a return to lockdown for everyone within a month of any given school district re-opening on-site classes, with even worse fallout for the local economy.


This shit is going to get worse, whoever wins the election. (Perhaps especially if Trump loses.) How the hell does a society function when 30%+ of the population lives in a bizarre alternate reality in which all the people who ideologically disagree with them are Satanic pedophiles who need to die? Because I think that’s what the Republican party is turning into, and not just the Republicans, either.

I’m realizing that a bunch of random nonsense I’ve been hearing from conservatives are actually QAnon narratives. Tons of stuff about “traffickers” - that certain signs indicate that a driver of a car is looking for victims, or that you’ve been marked as a target; that people shouldn’t be allowed to wear masks, because otherwise how are children supposed to identify traffickers? (I’m not sure how the fuck that’s supposed to work.) I assumed they were continuations of previous urban legends (e.g. about gang members doing various things in cars that were parts of initiations that involved killing random people), and they are but, it turns out, warped to fit into QAnon.


Then there’s the right wing idea that running over protesters is totally legal because they are illegally blocking a road that is open for you to drive down, ergo there is no crime if any of them should happen to fall underneath your car.


Mandy Patinkin once said Most of the satanism we’ve seen is juveniles damaging property, desecrating churches, cemeteries. To my knowledge, there’s never been a proven case of a satanic ritual killing in the United States. TRUST MANDY HE KNOWS


Didn’t Mandy just play an expert on TV?


In the deepest sense of the word I empathize with this poor lady.

I feel like we (we, like … everyone we) are losing the plot.

The Internet is just one giant tulip mania now.

Us evidence-seeking rationalists are completely shut out of the conversation because we’re just too damn slow.

And our evolutionary biases of finding patterns in everything are being exploited by technology.

The only sane solution is to create a personal whitelist; and to savagely, cruelly, and impersonally ignore people like QAnon supporters who are, in every respects, the people who need the most help right now.

It’s only downhill from here, I’m afraid.


Citation needed. :wink:


Denial is a hell of a drug.

Democracy doesn’t require that everyone be highly educated. But it does require that people are reasonable and open to constructive debate. We have too many people who refuse to budge on their position, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. It’s a mindless adherence to a chosen ideology that creates a toxic political environment, and will lead to a cult-like hypernationalism that will rot this nation from the inside.


The best conspiracy theories are the ones with a grain of truth. In this case, QAnon or Trump or the GOP or whoever is using it as both a deflection and a projection.

We know there is/was an island allegedly used for abusing underage kids.

We know rich and famous individuals were allegedly involved, possibly including UK royalty.

We know Trump has been shown to have many interactions with Epstein’s close associates alleged to be involved.

Throwing it at the Democrats, QAnon turns the spotlight off the actual evidence-based connections by accusing the left of doing the same, siccing an army of misled, frenzied wingnuts.

Deflection and projection. Looks like it’s working swell.


Quoting your story here…

There are obviously a lot of unfortunate factors at play; and certainly, not everyone who believes in QAnon necessarily has a history of (alleged) mental health issues, or substance abuse

Sure, probably very fine people on both sides, right?

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There’s a big difference between saying “not everyone who believes in Qanon’s batshit conspiracy theories can be explained away by blaming mental health issues and drug abuse” and saying “there are very fine people in the Qanon movement.”

The resurgence of Nazis can’t be blamed on drug abuse and mental health problems either, that doesn’t make them “very fine people.”