Check out the sad and scary interviews with Qanoners at the "God and Country Patriot Roundup"

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people be so embarrassingly wrong about the same thing at the same time ever before in my life.


A more perfect description of the USA & its citizens will never be found.



But plenty of the attendees who paid $3,000 to be in the presence of Flynn, Sydney Powell, and other deplorable heroes were more than happy to tell Callaghan how Drumpf is saving the world from Jewish Satanists.

So much for the main explanation for these Nazis next door being “economic anxiety”.


Flynn, the guy who Trump put in charge of assessing threats to the nation’s security, is really pleading ignorance on one of the biggest threats to national security that we’ve ever faced? Yeah that fits.


“I know what god wants and what Jesus wants, and it’s what Trump wants…”

Trump wants billions of dollars in his pocket, to win every golf game, and to have sex with porn stars.

Jesus wants us to love our neighbors, be friendly to strangers and generous to the poor, and told people to renounce their earthly possessions.

Sorry lady, I just ain’t seeing it, so I guess you’re right, I must be “blind.”


“I have a limited grasp of reality, and I’m thick as two short planks, but mah teeth sure is white!”


What level of hubris must it take to believe that you - YOU - have been gifted with a secret, special knowledge that others simply do not have? How desperate must you be to feel something other than ordinary that you band together with other simpletons?

I don’t think this is really about the thing it purports to be about. I think it is rather about insignificant people trying to find some significance. And, given their limited abilities, fairy tales are all they have by which to accomplish it. Facts and understanding are beyond them. And entertaining the possibility that they cannot understand the complexities of the world? Never.

All the above may not be “nice”, and I certainly don’t mean to suggest that I’m smart enough to understand it all. I know my limitations, however, and “I just don’t know” and “I could be wrong” are my favorite phrases. But I’m tired of this shit, of these people, and this stupidity.

And I do understand that some may, and certainly can, consider my post as an example of the thing of which I complain. You know, I could be wrong - I just don’t know.


Frankly, in my book they are way beyond embarrassingly wrong and have edged perilously close to mentally ill and in need of treatment. The sort of treatment that happens when people are rescued from weird cults - deprogramming. How can so many millions be deprogrammed? How can that be done?


It can still be “economic anxiety,” it’s just that the trigger is poorly described. For example, some people’s economic anxiety is triggered by concerns that they can’t pay their rent, they’re being shackled by an unjust economy, or their medical bills are bankrupting them. Other people’s economic anxiety is triggered by the overwhelming fear that people of color exist and may want to participate in the economy. /s


People can have narcissistic traits without being complete narcissists. If life has already kind of “worked out” for you, if you’ve been in a bubble of privilege that is completely invisible to you, yeah, pretty easy to think that you’ve got all the answers, and everyone else is clearly living their lives wrong.

Edited for clarity: I’m responding to your initial question about hubris, and not attacking you or your position! Sorry that wasn’t more clear.


Are you speaking about me, or speaking to me about them?

I suppose both are valid.


I just… ummm… sigh…
Cant Speak Nathan Fillion GIF


I do not grok this.


Not sure if anything but time and constant ridicule is going to work. Trump is so morally bankrupt that he steals from charity and the cult doesn’t care. Maybe they will tire of his constant bleating about election fraud or that the Republicans aren’t kissing his ass enough.


Gotta say I like the style of the “Prince was murdered” folks.


Haha, no offense taken, and I’m absolutely open to the possibility that I’ve got it all wrong and I’m the narcissist.

But I don’t and I’m not.


Oh, good! He’s been silent the past few months and I was a little worried that he had thrown in the towel. I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if he’d received death threats for making people look… well, exactly like how that are but don’t want to admit. Welcome back!