Q-Nuts: "It's the Great Storm, Charlie Brown"

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Every time someone ridicules QAnon, it’s “hold my beer!”


Holey Shamoley, did they start the date-crawling game? That’s cultists for you, they never change the game book.
But seriously, this is unprecedented. We have now, all over the world, MILLIONS of people to bring back to reality. Normally, with a cult, you get just a few hundred blockheads, so it’s no big problem, but this! After the Covid crisis comes the Drag-back-the-fools-to-normality crisis, it’s going to be a doozy, and it’s not something that can be ignored. A society cannot work when such a big percentage of its members live in la-la land (opinions from mental-health experts welcome).



A thousand years from now, they’ll still be waiting for the Second Terming, and interpreting the Book of Q to figure out how to bring it about.


It’s gonna take a lot more than a nickel’s worth of psychiatric advice to solve this problem.


This is the only acceptable use of Peanuts characters today. Charles Schultz has been dead for over 2 decades and his family/estate is still being paid from newspapers re-printing his strips.

ETA: https://www.celebritynetworth.com/articles/entertainment-articles/decades-after-his-death-the-estate-of-charles-schulz-is-still-making-a-ton-of-money/


I am OK with intellectual property rights extending at least some period after death. Otherwise you might have situations where Disney started taking out hits on Bill Watterson.


We’ve been living in the “end times” for 2000 years, Jesus has been coming “soon”… for the last 2000 years.

QAnon gives these people a cult to be part of, a group to talk to, something to pull them through their lonely, hateful days. It will last as long as the social surrogacy of their subculture lasts, because that is really what it is about.


Oh, no, how did poor Linus become so radicalized? He seemed like such a nice, sensible young person. Of course, you’ve really got to keep an eye on the quiet ones; so I’ve call the FBI to add Schroeder to their watch-list. He occasionally mutters things about Ludo Wig Van Bait-Oven; who, I’m sure, was part of the Frankfurt School.


Spot on!

But missed an opportunity to pun on the Great Trumpkin.


“Hey you kids, get off my lawn!”


Life can be precarious on the fringes of the human bait-ball. It is kill or be killed among the conspidiots.


It’s all about the math, when you double down on the double down that you doubled down on…wait…where’s my calculator?


You’ll need a box of these:



And a feeling of moral superiority, that they know things no one else does, and when “it” happens (whatever it, is) they were right all along. So there’s that. But I think more critically, it satisfies the need to have faith in something. The overwhelming comment I’ve read from disillusioned QAnon followers is some version of, “I don’t know what to believe now.” As if reality were too horrible to contemplate, too awful to look at, so you need a veil of unreality to shield you from it.

It occurs to me that, it’s common enough to lie to your children – more often to shield them from bad things (“grandpa’s not dead, he’s just sleeping”), but often enough as a kind of reward (“if you’re good, Santa will bring you presents”). But at some point, your children should mature enough be able to manage their fears, hardships, and expectations – to engage with reality.

But it’s almost like those training wheels never came off, so they tell the lies to themselves as a kind of comfort. So it’s not climate change, or racism, or the growing police state, or any of the million shitty problems facing us today, that are hard and unforgiving to work with, but can be worked with. No, no… it’s just the boogeyman, it’s not real. Great things are going to happen, no really.


‘The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown’, a noted xenophobe.


That’s what I am afraid of.
And by the way, it’s not just the USA, not at all: I reside in Germany, and every bloody day we get news from Berlin, about the latest rubbish from the “Querdenker”, the mixed soup of negationists, extreme-right thugs and every other kind of alienated fool imaginable. Regrettably, the (otherwise laudable) anarchist spirit of Berlin has partly mutated into this horrid golem.
My home country is Italy, and while Q-Anoners are rare there (yet), we get everything else including Covid deniers, last week for instance there was a police action against a “negationist pub”. Everyone without masks, and “It’s all a hoax”, “Bill Gates wants to microchip us all”, the whole passel of garbage.
What can I say, I am very worried.


This is funny and I understand why it has to be Linus for the joke to work, but in reality Linus would be the last character to fall for Qanon.


lol the 2nd strip is fantastic. If Kirby’s cosmic dots are called Kirby Krackle what is the name for Schultz’s blow-away scream that sends Charlie Brown tumbling?


Not so much comic strip as psychological analysis.