#D5: Advice for people who just realized that Qanon is bullshit




I recall research done with actual religious doomsday cults – e.g. Seventh Day Adventists – the failure of the charismatic leader to correctly predict cataclysmic world events only bolstered their faith, because they could read it as God intervening at their own bequest to save all of humanity. Really heroic stuff.

Too bad more religious and conspiracy cults aren’t as self-limiting as the People’s Temple or Heaven’s Gate.


Let’s hope Qanon doesn’t stick around as long as they have. (BTW – I don’t know much about the Adventists – is the failure of the Millerite predictions the reason their logo is a bible on fire?)


Former SDA here; I’d like to (slightly correct) that.
In the case of the Millerites, they decided they’d been wrong. First they decided they’d got the date wrong, so they recalculated and stood on hillsides in white robes again.

But after the second Great Disappointment, they decided (or, rather, Ellen G White had a series of visions that revealed) that they’d got the date right - the first time or the second, I can never remember - but misinterpreted what was to happen on that date: the Judgment did indeed begin on that date, but in Heaven rather than on Earth. When it’s finished, then the Second Coming will happen.

But since EGW’s visions finally reminded the nascent SDA church to read Matthew 24:36 (“But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only”), they’ve been in a state of perpetual anticipation ever since.


Even if it started out as ironic, the Qanonymists will be circulating it as a serious encapsulation of their view of the situation.


So many passengers, so few comets.


I guess you could call it a gateway conspiracy theory.


Maybe try @orenwolf, our wonderful moderator.


I’ve been familiar with Dees’ work for about fifteen years-- he’s a true believer. He also believes in chemtrails and government mind control.


Close. The Corgis are the driving force behind if all.



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