Papa John's Pizza CEO steps down after winning coveted approval of white supremacists


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So, no more white pizza?


wtf did i just read


Imagine that, blaming your sub-par performance in liberals only works for a decade or so.


Schnatter said he will continue in his role as chairman and founder

Oh he went from CEO to “Chairman of the Board”. Poor guy.
Let me know when they take his face down from the advertising.
I’m sure he licenses his likeness back to the company for advertising because he thinks he is the Col. Sanders of Pizza. If they walk away from THAT, then it’s news.


To be honest inviting closer public scrutiny of that pizza isn’t going to do the brand any favors either.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

I guess pizza and politics just go together.


What is that racket coming from the basement of the local neo-nazi Papa Johns? I think its unlikely that Papa Johns would support evangelical white supremicist child sex slavery rings in the basement of racist Papa Johns franchisees, but who really knows whats in the fine print of a Papa Johns white supremicist licence?


Don’t forget all the Hilly Pedo Pizza Parties in a secret alien base under a pizzeria. /tinfoil


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I actually sent in an opinion on the Papa John site suggesting that the screwed up orders and the comparatively outrageous pricing was to blame for my not buying their pizzas. Also, that an appeal to nationalism or patriotism to sell pizzas has less to do with their quality. Both of these factors deter me from wanting to buy a screwed up expensive nationalist sentiment pizza. Is that a metaphor?


Put pepperoni, ham and meatballs on it, and it would be a Meataphor.




The mention Hitler and get a free topping special was canceled?


Wouldn’t he be the Oberführer of Pizza?


It is White Supremacist Pizza with Special Sauce, IYKWIM.
Jizzus, that is gross…even for me.


Not only do they make crappy pizza, but this is the guy who complained that Obamacare was going to raise the price of his pizza by 7 cents. So he cut his employee’s hours to under 40 to make sure he didn’t have to provide health care.
I hope they bury him.


So it turns out that speaking out against people trying to make a difference isn’t something a pizza joint should be doing. amazing


He made my no-buy list when he appeared on Fox news a few years back shortly before the ACA passed complaining about how having to give everyone health care at his company was going to have to make him raise prices, or something to that effect. The whole Captain Whiteguy thing just added more fuel.

From what I understand, he still retains his stake in the company, so no thank you.

“I hate Illinois nazis.” - Elwood


That’s when I decided no more Papa John’s for me. Also, most of these chain fast food places that don’t want to take care of their employees and leave the rest of us to do so through government welfare benefits.