Someone ate 40 pizzas in 30 days to out-do former Papa Johns CEO

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I have never understood how people can eat Papa Johns. I used to like bad pizza from time to time (dominos, I’m looking at you); but Papa John’s has always tasted of industrial chemicals and refined sugar, and nothing else - it’s inedible fake food. Quality ingredients my arse, it’s gross.


Back in 2009, a FoaF ate nothing but sausage pizza for 31 days on a bet.
I’m sure it was a lot more than 40 pizzas.
Note that I would not even consider this bet (sausage pizza) anywhere but in the Chicago area, sausage pizza can be pretty awful everywhere but here.


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Why no English Muffin pizzas? As long as one covers the minimum acreage, right?

Also: Grandma Pie

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It’s a thick slab of white bread covered with an plastic cheese and tepid grease, and they even give you like a single serving tub of hot grease to pour over it to… make it taste better I guess? I guess that’s what pizza is like when it’s made by a guy named Schnatter who lives in Kentucky. I wouldn’t eat it if it were the only pizza in town.

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Tut tut! Papa John’s uses only the highest quality high fructose corn syrup and artisanal sodium benzoate.

And little pepperoncinis. As a diversion.


There are probably 10,000 (50,000? More?) Americans who do this every month and never bother anyone with the fanfare.


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