Papa John's Pizza Bowls pose the important question "what is food?"

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I started thinking more seriously about my food in the last few years. But living in the city it’s hard to have a big enough garden to supply all your vege needs, and you can’t even keep chickens in some cities (mine for example).

I have to admit I took a long hard look at that guy who eats roadkill, but then I’ve seen geese in the city drinking out of puddles in filthy parking lots, god knows what toxins they already have in them.

Even simple canned foods like chick peas are in cans lined with plastic. What to do.


You’re going to get a lot of the same chemicals in an actual strawberry, of course.


Yet another culinary disaster from Papa Johnson’s.


For a healthier (relatively-speaking) Taco Bell, stick to the basics and order everything “fresco,” which also makes it dairy-free.

As someone who does not like his food touching on the plate, nope.

I did check out their website though. You can create a custom bowl. So if I could toss in every type of meat available with every type of cheese and nothing else I’d order one and then take all my nitro pills.

It really doesn’t matter though because I doubt I would ever order from that company. Has it gotten better since they ousted Papa?

These food bowls still creep me out. I think it’s the corn.

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What arrives on your doorstep, packaged in a box within a box, like the junk food equivalent of Russian nesting dolls, looks more like a Stoner Bowl. Something that a teenager might have cobbled together from the Papa Johns prep counter after a 15-minute Bongkey Kong break in the parking lot.


Buy dried chick peas, they store well, and cost loads less, and to boot, they taste way better than canned.

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