Papa John's founder used N-word in meeting about how he could avoid further PR disasters


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Let’s not forget, the pizzas are shitty as well.


A Gaff!!! or maybe their new slogan…

Times are changing, it’s getting harder and harder to offend people!



Schnatter also reflected on his early life in Indiana, where, he said, people used to drag African-Americans from trucks until they died.

Or as some call it, The good old days.

edited to add: I love the fact that the PR firm hired to clean up and white wash this shit is called “Laundry Services.”


When America was Great



We can work collectively to make this racist dirtbag disappear - all non-white-supremacists can simply never order this shitty affront to the word “pizza” again.

[added a hyphen because someone down screen decided they’d make a go at the Pedant Pendant.]


Well I’m doing my part then.


Me too. Internet high-five!


Look, the word is indefensible, but Colonel Sanders was born 1890 – seventy-one years before Mr Papa John – and I’m likely to view Sanders’ behavior in a slightly different light.


If its pizzas were merely shitty, dayenu.


I’m just gonna say it. Dominos fucking rocks and they are my goto budget pizza place now. They’ve turned their shit around. They never (I mean never) get my order wrong. They have these frickin sandwiches for the misses and I when we don’t feel like eating pizza with the kids. They have a guy that can fold like 100 boxes a minute or something weird like that. And most important of all, the blatent in your face racism (even casual racism) seems to be non-existent. Oh, and the pizza isn’t all that bad either. Keep it up Dominos!


There’s a PJ’s outlet a short distance from my home, and while I don’t begrudge the delivery people their jobs, watching the steady flow of… product… out that place is somewhat depressing.


“He’s a yeast infection crawling over a company that can’t get rid of him, occasionally shedding flakes on the product.”



He’s a yeast infection crawling over a company that can’t get rid of him, occasionally shedding flakes on the product.

Roger That!


Roger that !!


I never ate at Domino’s after years ago learning about the founder’s extreme right wing positions, and public funding of Operation Rescue. I didn’t want to support him or those positions. I know that he sold the company a few years ago, but the aversion remains.


It’s the Schnatter. A lot like Ajit Pai.


#NotAllYeast #TheThinGlutenLine #FungusLivesMatter #TooSoon?