Papa John's founder used N-word in meeting about how he could avoid further PR disasters

Nazi? /Meta

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This alone is enough reason for me never buying their pizza, this recent development only changes me passively avoiding them over to actively avoiding them.


Domino’s is the shit, i did have somewhat of a weird interaction with one of the delivery guys recently but i chalk it up to him being very grumpy over a driver not showing up for work. Beyond that i’ve never had issues and the pizza has always been on point.


I don’t eat at KFC either, but now I can say it’s because of their racist founder and not the gastrointestinal decimation it causes.


Having never tried their “pizza” [1], I’ll merely observe that he acts as though he’s really trying to land a job with the Trump Administration.

[1] And wouldn’t, if only because of the literally hateful labor practices


Take it From Me. I’m Pit-Patt and I Love You


It’s kind of remarkable that you can get a large pizza for eight bucks that isn’t bad at all. They got it together.

As the Doughboys point out from time to time, if you’re looking for a chain restaurant that doesn’t have a connection to a pretty shitty right-wing founder, you’re going to have limited options.


Mark Twain used the N-word extensively and he’s a beloved American institution.

Edit - c’mon people, you guys know about sarcasm, right? There’s a huge amount of time passed and contextual difference. Also, this was supposed to be a reply to the person who pointed out that Col Sanders was born 71 years before Papa Shittypizza.

As much as it pains me to defend shitty people and/or shitty pizza, this guy did not use the n-word as the click-baity title of this article implies. Schnatter quoted another (racist) person. This does not equate to using a racial slur.


How cynical do you have to be to name your PR firm that? How cynical do you have to be about your image to hire a PR firm called that?


You’ve got to admit that using the term in the context he did displays, at best a stunning lack of self-awareness and an even larger lack of understanding of why people might not be eager to embrace that rationalization, don’t you?

EDIT–sorry, I think I missed the context here.


Or as he would say, “the good old days”?


#MAGA amirite /s


I knew what you meant, at second glance, but first reading clearly said something else. (There are supremacists who are not white.)

I always hated Domino’s pizza, and haven’t ordered it in over 25 years because of Monaghan’s politics. For years, I couldn’t drive past Domino’s Farms without giving it an extended one-finger salute. Also, you don’t find out how unliked a given person can be by your community until you live next door to them and discover that your road is the last road plowed in the county because of that one jackass. So glad I don’t live next to his compound anymore.

@anon21100188: Certainly not the best pizza around, but Little Ceasars founder wasn’t a known total dick. Mr. Ilich passed away earlier this year, but was well liked in the Detroit metro. His charity work centered on helping living kids instead of trying to force women to give birth to kids.


Any other “supremacists” that are out there don’t control the US Presidency and Congress, even as we speak.


Certainly, but when the author mischaracterizes what actually happened then he goes too far.

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Oh really? I thought he was best known for his anti-labor beliefs as well as bad pizza. I feel fortunate my city hasn’t allowed him in.homer


You are correct, although I still would like to shatt all over Shattner due to his complaining about the ACA ("its going to raise the price of my pizza by 7 cents !!) and his business practices (he cut his full time employees hours back to under 30 so he wouldn’t have to provide health care.)
He is a dick, he has always been a dick and he will continue to be a dick because he doesn’t know any other way to exist.


For the portion of American sales controlled by the top 4 chains, Papa John’s has about about 17% of the market. Clearly the founder is trying go for the remaining 10% of Know-Nothing bigots.