Papa John's founder used N-word in meeting about how he could avoid further PR disasters


This just in, sometimes successful people are horrible human beings.

Do we have to tolerate and support horrible people? nope.

Is it OK to quote the N-word in rhetoric that condemns racism? probably, maybe, but I wouldn’t.

Did John Schnatter condemn racism when referring to Colonel Harland Sanders? Nope. He used the example to justify his own actions. Because he’s a dirt bag.


Just in case…
I was not saying there are supremacists who are not white. Not at all. I was only saying that it might have appeared, at first glance, that IronEdithKidd might have inadvertently said there were.

I’m sure you knew that but the way the quote appeared…


Holy hell. He’s a lot worse than I imagined


But there are; my point is that while non-White supremacists do exist, they have no actual power… unlike their White counterparts who are systematically trying to drag the country back to the the 1800’s…


Understood and agreed.


This week, Laundry Service laid off 10% of its workforce in response to financial pressure, attributable in part to its revocation of the Papa John’s contract.

Racism, it’s the American Way!

At the unemployment office: “I got laid off because of racist clients siding with another racist client, and severing business ties.”


Sadly, it really and truly is


He is… but it’s not because he used the word “nigger” in his writing; that kind of casually overt racism was baked into our society.


Hopefully our thinking has advanced somewhat in the 140-something years since Samuel Clemen’s times.


Uh…I’m pretty sure it has to do with the amount of money (read: lack thereof) they pay the help.


Don’t forget the good news is that the founding fathers are all long dead and future generations don’t have to make this country exactly how they envisioned it.

There are ideas during the Enlightenment and Age of Reason that still has value today, even if complicated by the immoral actions of the time.

Dogmatic adherence to a belief diminishes people, and they become enslaved to their set of positions. Essentially this is a submission to authoritarians, and a surrender of reasoned thought. During that era this was a recognized problem with organized religion. And today it is a problem with our system of political spectrum. Perhaps the greatest threat to democracy we face today is the rising political isolation where aberrant beliefs now carry no consequences, as if talk radio and social media were an echo-chamber.

(I prefer the metaphor of an anechoic chamber, not only can you not hear the outside but you often can’t even hear yourself)




If you are talking about the novel Huckleberry Finn the copy I read came with a foreward by Twain who noted he uses the term simply because it was the way people talked at the time and he didn’t want to gloss that shit over and it should make you feel uncomfortable.


We just have to survive long enough to remake it into something sustainable and equitable for the majority.



I know what you mean. I’m from Louisville…I know the guy. The ACA stunt and his fund-raising for Romney was the final straw for me. Haven’t spoken to him since, even though he was always a bit of a douche.


I think if anyone takes away from Huckleberry Finn the idea that Twain was somehow a racist totally failed their reading comprehension


Chain pizza never caught on with me, because in my area we’re surrounded by independent pizza places. I’m in the suburbs, and can’t go two weeks without getting another flyer in my door from one of them. A quick Yelp search showed 30 pizza joints within 5 miles of my house.

So, my money will support a few local businesses instead of these corporations with founder/CEO issues. I can always check out what kind of people are profiting from me by making a visit to the shop, chatting with the employees, and doing a little online research.


Buy from your local mom and pop pizza joint instead. (Unless, of course, mom and pop have a habit of using the n word.)


It’s not hard to find out what Mom and Pop have been doing. Employees tend to talk about the owners!


Of course the banks go to company for forging documents during the real estate crash was named “Lender processing services.”


Good point–the Doughboys also taught me about him being a pretty great guy.

Sure, but plenty of places also pay their employees similar wages and don’t sell a good pizza for a ridiculously low price.