Alex Jones deletes video promoting 'Pizzagate' conspiracy theory


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Has he asked his fans to stop sending death threats to the families of children slain at Sandy Hook Elementary yet?


That lying sack of shit!


What a paranoid coward.


Of course Alex Jones “deleted” “his” Pizzagate “videos”. “He” is in on it! #RealIlluminati


a relative term similar to “least explody atomic bomb of them all”


It’s all fun and games until someone takes your BS seriously and tries to save little kids from being raped and ends up just looking like a loon in a pizza shop.

Someone linked me to an outline about Pizza Gate and all the “evidence” for it.

I told them anyone reading that and is convinced that there was a pedophile ring at a pizza shop is a gullible idiot.

Conspiracy nuts are nothing new. Working at a space museum I heard tons of shit about not landing on the moon. But it gets dangerous when they actually act on this crazy shit because they think they are truly stopping evil.


“… the most restrained of all the coverage.” As determined by his lawyers. So, I guess that settles that.


Seems to be a theme for right wing lunatics.


Their growing prominence and influence in mainstream society is, though.


It’s only a matter of time before one of these dirtbags gets sued for promoting some un-provable conspiracy theory that results in a death.

As I understand it, the whole pizzagate thing started with just one guy tweeting about “anonymous sources say…” and it ballooned from there.


Yeah, I think we’re going to start seeing a lot of this in the coming years; some “alt” news source starts or grabs onto some backwoods conspiracy that trigger some unhinged follower to act out leading to… problems, and then an attempt to clean the slate. The inter webs does not take kindly to that attempt of revisionism.


Ding, ding, ding. It wasn’t the lawyers reviewing his coverage and stating, “well, you’ve been pretty restrained here.” It was lawyers reviewing his coverage, looking at the gunman in the pizza shape, and realizing “shit, this is a clear case of libel if one ever existed and you’re about to be sued into the f’ing ground, you dipshit. Abort, abort, abort!”


This fake news conspiracy stuff looks fun. Let’s try it:

The creepy clown phenomena has spread throughout the world. Some of the clowns may be cannibals. They wear face paint, which other humans have been known to do, and we all know that all human cannibals are human.

Alex Jones has yet to explain how he may be connected to the cannibal clowns I just made up… [dun dun dun!]


This was back when the News of the World was doing their naming and shaming campaign.



Then the loon from the pizza shop tunes in to Infowars the next day, only to find out that Infowars is calling him a false flag operation. Then the game is over, but the fun continues.


What, do these rocket surgeons actually think that pedophiles would use Pedophile as their actual title? What do they think of therapists? “It says The Rapist on that sign, let’s get 'em!” It doesn’t matter what kind of therapist. Physical therapists, family therapists, massage therapists, especially psychotherapists. They’re coming for you, Psycho The Rapist!


My favorite is the classic “The police refused to investigate the supposed tunnels in the restaurant’s basement, citing their reasoning as ‘the restaurant doesn’t even have a basement’”


perhaps the world just needs more Buzz Aldrins