Parents of Sandy Hook victims are suing Alex Jones for defamation


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I hope they take him for every penny he’s ever made or ever will make. F&^%'n asshole.


Here’s hoping. Has he no shame to try to sell his conspiracy platform at the expense of these families who’s kids died in this tragedy and his conspirators that harasses the victims families? (sic).


Think he’ll go with the “entertainment” defense again?


I imagine the honest response would be: “I need to feed my family, so fuck everybody else’s.” And then he remembers he’s divorced and he lost primary custody of his kids and then cries for an hour into a jar of Super Male Vitality.


Parents of Sandy Hook victims MINIATURE DEEP STATE CRISIS ACTORS are suing Alex Jones for TO CREATE defamation!!!

(Exclamation points enhanced.)


I hope they shake him down so hard his teeth fall out. As it stands the more outrageous the slander the more his fans love him in a positive feedback loop. We’re one Pizzagate away from him causing a bombing or mass shooting. If he learns that being a raving lunatic will cost him more money than it makes him he might learn to shut his gangrenous cake-hole.


InfoWars followers: “See! The lawsuit is proof he’s speaking the truth and they’re trying to shut him down!”



But… will it? Look at these f*ckers. The worse they act, the more they get paid. I hope the chickens will come home to roost, but goddamn! Did they accidentally stop at a KFC?

Maybe this will do it.


“Mr. Jones and Mr. Shroyer did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment on Tuesday.”

No response. From both! Their teeth must be falling out already!


That’s two. I am a bit surprised there aren’t more.


I did a dive into a conservative thread on Instagram this morning, and man, I came out believing these “deep state” lunatics are irretrievable. You really have to read the incredibly naive and fantabulous imaginary conspiracies they believe - they are truly living in their own private idaho. We’ll never salvage them, I think they will never see reason, and will likely go to their graves believing in a vast global left wing conspiracy to take their freedom (aka guns). Its not worth a moment trying to appeal reason to them.




Sadly, an all too accurate depiction of the sort of mindless individuals who swallow this sort of crap.


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grieving parents of the murdered children were harassed and attacked by followers of Jones

I guess that’s how you win the culture war?


Jimmy Kimmel says maybe he will make a million dollars less per year due to viewers lost over his social and political monologues. He said he wasn’t the least upset about losing that viewing segment and has enough money not to miss a million. So good for him.

Hopefully the Sandy Hook parents win sizable judgments and the cost of defending the lawsuit will cost a lot more than a million. I think he cannot settle because that might be seen as admitting he lied.


I think there’s something wrong with them. It’s the fact that they wield any power at all that is sad. People that crazy usually don’t. Probably because they have so many enablers around. That people buy into it hook line and sinker… that’s not surprising. It’s easy to start a cult, basically the same principal applies.