Five conspiracy theories MAGAs love to cling to

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I find it funny they obsess about the Epstein list, when Trump’s name has been on several of them that have been released. Like, you idiots, your god-emperor is more likely to have visited the island than anyone else you think is on there.

Though, I do wish there was more indictments from this. I don’t know if they are still working on it, or if the cost and time to try to put some rich rapists in prison is just seen as too hard to prove. :confused:


I saw some story a few days back with MAGA people complaining about Trump’s name being released and demanding that the list not be shared.

I mean, it’s been 100% clear that he absolutely was on the list from day 1. This wasn’t a secret.


As looney as QAnon, there is “Pizzagate.” The theory that high-ranking Democrats were running a child sex trafficking ring out of the basement of a DC pizza shop is just pure MAGA.

Not the least because the pizza place had no basement.

Underlying all five of these ridiculous delusions is the more dangerous one that always fuels right-wing populism: the existence of a shadowy cabal of so-called “elites” who have sapped the pure blood of the country and who are to be “dealt with” if the MAGAts take power. They’ve been quite open about how they plan to implement that reckoning.

So, if we want to keep laughing at these conspiracist morons we’d all better do our best to focus on the goal of keeping them and the party they’ve taken over as far as possible from positions of power.


If there was a deep state hit on Trump ordered by Biden wouldn’t that just be a perfectly legal Supreme Court approved ‘official act’ - so why are they so upset?


Latest I’ve read implies that Trump is not a pedo, or at least there’s no evidence to suggest this. He’s a lot of other things, but at least our children are safe for now.


The statute of limitations for solicitation and statutory rape are not particularly long in most places. Short of forcible rape or some kind of aiding and abetting the human trafficking directly, there isn’t much to prosecute.


making passes at teen girls doesn’t count? Or if it’s girls in a pageant, they deserve to be ogled by an old creep?


Right. I should have said “no evidence in the Epstein documents”.

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Other than T****’s own words show he knew that Epstein was grooming young girls and did nothing about it.


Which had about as much of a basement as the Alamo.


Supposedly, when the DOJ was searching Mar-A-Lago for stolen documents, Joe and Kamala wanted Donnie shot dead.

That hardly makes them special.




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