You can see the gears turning as these MAGA cultists struggle with cognitive dissonance (video)

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Your regular reminder that these mouth-breathers vote. Make sure that you do the same in November.


And in any other local / state elections that may happen before then.


Sometimes several times in the same election.


Gonna skip this one considering the source…


20 years ago or more, I figured there were about 10-15% of the population who were susceptible to crazy ideas and conspiracy theories. But after watching dozens of videos like this one in recent years, I believe there to be an almost limitless supply of easily duped patsies, all with the same power to vote that I have. It’s truly terrifying.


It’s not limitless, but I think you underestimated the pool by ~100%. Give or take 27% will take in anything put forth by the MAGAt high priests as gospel truth, regardless of the cognitive dissonance engendered. It’s a sad state of affairs, but I suspect it was always so, the current situation has just made it both safe and even encouraged to be an unthinking stooge.


The first 30 seconds of the video or so did seem to legitimately show an example of cognitive dissonance, as a young man and Trump supporter was really struggling to come up with a justification for treating Hunter Biden differently than Trump or his family. The rest of the video was basically, “Look how dumb these people are.” Which…sure, ok, they’re dumb. We already knew that. There’s nothing new or interesting in this video. I stopped it about halfway through.


Me too… I just don’t think those kinds of videos are doing anything productive or helping us to learn anything new about the movement. It’s just people who want to feel smug and superior, and that’s no less off-putting because they share some of our values (or so they say… as @mspie500 noted above, they have a serious fucking TER problem over at TYT…).


Those types of videos are definitely of the “seen one, seen them all” variety.


Honestly, Jordan Klepper is the best of the genre and even his are getting boring…


Young Turks?

I guess 53 is the new 20.


Agreed. Going back to the Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno man on the street interviews where they show you the average person on Hollywood Blvd or Venice Beach is a moron is getting a bit old. Jordan Kepper does a great job with it and his quick wit makes it funny, but just showing people supporting their “team” is a bit dumb. Yeah, people who support Trump are idiots who have been brainwashed by propaganda. They are also humans. Does making fun of them help to understand them and win their vote? I feel less intelligent everytime I give into the impulse to watch this stuff.


Those knuckle dragging morons will never change their vote.

It’s a miracle that they can find a voting place on their own let alone use a pencil to fill in little ovals.


Maybe, but don’t misunderstand me… I think there is value in examining just how unhinged his movement is, because they’re dangerous to all of us right now. But acting with smug superiority like this video by TYT doesn’t really help matters. It makes it seem like it’s not a real threat, when it very much is.


What’s the accent of the lady at 1:00?

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