Wake up Sheeple!


Here’s a place to post all the strange and bizarre conspiracy theories you’ve found on the web.

May the loopiest delusion win!

Count to ten thousand!

you can beat timecube?

i am a fan of Zombo.com though


I has a sad. RIP, Timecube.


Check this place out: http://bbs.boingboing.net/


I think you meant http://html5zombo.com sir


Oh good it has moved away from flash. And you can still do anything!


I tried reading through timecube once. It made my eyes water and my head hurt. Then I felt sorry for they guy’s obvious untreated schizophrenia or dementia.


Site still up,


I’ve always been fond of Illuminati Watcher’s obsession with the sinister secrets embedded in Katy Perry/Lady Gaga videos:



There’s also Augustus Sol Invictus, Libertarian goat sacrificer:

Sadly, this is not a conspiracy.


That’s only because you ignore 4 simultaneous days same Earth rotation, though.
There’s an archive in case you ever want to learn the truth about Einstein’s Oneist brain:


Time cube and http://www.alexchiu.com were among my favorite nutter sites in my early Internet days.


Did Leonard Nimoy Fake His Own Death So He Could Seize Control of the Illuminati?

(obviously an illuminati symbol)


That was an awesome read, way beyond my level of snark. But…

Why is the queen wearing a cake on her head?


Best thing I ever saw on reddit:


Probably has something to do with this?


I haven’t found any new, novel conspiracy theories in a few years. Let’s see what I can find… (The jar jar one was a great read)


Crisis Actors.

But I don’t even want to dignify crisis actor conspiracy theorists with my hate.