Russian face-recognition app "may bring end to public anonymity

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The website is Unfortunately the terms of use are only in Russian.

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Bummer. You need a Vkontakte account, which means you need to give them a cell number. Moving on…


from what i’ve heard this app has been already used to harass girls in porn videos. They’d find them on social sites like facebook and put up links to the porn to their friends and family.


Those Ruskies are up to no good again.

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(Mark, this post makes up for that very silly brick wall “illusion” post.)

You should relax and be taking chill pill. App is not problem. It being Russia, all pictures are identify as “person with frown”.


AFAIK there are no pics of me online that are tagged and my facebook profile for work is blank. So a I am still anonymous?

Any new advance in technology tends to cut both ways, both positive and negative. Now people can use the app to stalk or harass you, but at the same time this app could be used to find the ID of the guy harassing you. I bet the government already has a similar app to ID protestors, but then you could use the app to ID a cop who covers his badge number.


My new makeup regimen.


Time to take a look at the Ugly T-Shirt technology William Gibson outlined in his novel Pattern Recognition* : )

* iirc


So not just hitting on strangers you pass near, but also on strangers that you could treat as surrogates of other women you were or wanted to be with. Thank goodness! It’s nice to know that instead of being limited to the one specific creepy thing, there are lots of options. :rolling_eyes:


Kabakov says the app could revolutionise dating: “If you see someone you like, you can photograph them, find their identity, and then send them a friend request."

It could revolutionize stalking as well! Think of the possibilities!


"the interaction doesn’t always have to involve the rather creepy opening gambit of clandestine street photography, he added: “It also looks for similar people. So you could just upload a photo of a movie star you like, or your ex, and then find 10 girls who look similar to her and send them messages.”

No… that’s not creepy at all. Seriously dafuq?


And only making that statement worse is that there are more innocuous examples of what you could do with the ability to find potential impersonators, like pranking someone.

No, because all your friends have tagged you in their online pictures. However I’m a Luddite and don’t have a Facebook account so I can’t confirm this is how Facebook works.

There is certainly some discussion about hidden nodes on social media sites as your email address is in all your friends address books and the social media site can infer many of your relationships from this information.

As an added bonus, you can find famous characters that you look like for cosplay purposes.

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I don’t have a Facebook account, but I know that my face is tagged in a few pictures in other peoples’ accounts.

Of course my picture is also in a face database associated with my driver’s licence. You can bet that it’s been shared with other government agencies, and like other government information it’s only a matter of time until it makes its way to corporate databases.

When a face recognition app like this become popular in the west, you can bet that a lot of us will be inaccurately tagging other people’s faces with our own names to break the system. Along with inaccurate addresses, home towns, high schools etc.


This could bring an interesting twist to the Stop a Douchebag videos.

No. But that’s okay, because we’re your friends. We’re not like the others.